research paper on classical music and infant cognitive development.

Need an research paper on classical music and infant cognitive development. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Dr. Tomatis studied the way in which the brain processes that which we listen to, noting that the left brain processed what we hear with the left ear and the right brain process that which we hear on the left. Dr. Tomatis is acknowledged has done much work in the area of hearing and listening and at which frequency individuals heard. This was the majority of his work, with the actual title of the ‘Mozart effect’ theory coming by expanded research in this area (It Takes a Village).Dr.

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research paper on classical music and infant cognitive development.
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Francis Rauscher’s research focused on the relationship between music cognition and other areas of cognitive intelligence. She has earned international acclaim through her discovery of what is now considered the actual Mozart Effect, which is the foundation of many further studies. Dr. Rauschers’ research concluded that there was a direct correlation between early music instruction and a child’s abstract reading and arithmetic, and published the book, “Music and the Mind, Beyond Mozart” (It Takes…).

Her study begins in an effort to determine if spatial reasoning on a human being would be similar to spatial reasoning found in a logical-mathematical computer-generated model, which would play certain musical sounds related to a pattern of neural firing within the brain. They initially had a schematic of the firing pattern before spatially mapping it to different pitches, timbres, and durations and were then able to hear recognizable ‘music.’ The idea then took hold that there must be ‘something between to the link between music and the type of reasoning they were mapping spatial (Snyder, p40).

She was called in to determine if studying music would enhance spatial reasoning in a similar manner.Spatial reasoning is used to understand how two things go together in place or time, such as chess, engineering, and navigation. Rauscher began her research with preschoolers, initially once weekly, then twice&nbsp.weekly, instructing them on the keyboard.&nbsp. After only fifteen minutes students showed an improvement in spatial reasoning.&nbsp.

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