research methods

This assignment is about research methods (statistics) in psychology. Please read the article and answer all of the 4 questions in the assignment and keep to the word limit for all questions. I have attached the relevant lecture slides as well that will be useful to complete this assignment. Please follow all the instructions carefully. Please ensure this is all plagiarism free and do not include references too. 

PSYC105 – 21SU2 Written Assignment This assignment is based on the following original research paper (available on Learn) : Ward‐Griffin, E., Klaiber, P., Collins, H. K., Owens, R. L., Coren, S., & Chen, F. S. (2018).

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research methods
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Petting away pre‐exam stress: The effect of therapy dog sessions on student well‐ being. Stress and Health , 34 (3), 468 -473. M ake sure you read the paper (available on Learn) , watch the Research Methods lectures ( Week 2 ), and complete the Week 2 lab , before attempting the assignment. There are two submission points for this assignment. • You are expected to submit a draft version by 5pm Wednesday 1 December. This draft submission is worth 5% of your total grade. Your draft can be presented in bullet point or note format; you will not be graded on presentation or grammar. The purpose of the draft submission is to encourage you to make an early start on your assignment, and to create an opportunity for you to receive early feedback. • Your final submission is due by 5pm on Sunday 19 December and is worth 35% of your final grade. • Please refer to the marking rubrics on Learn to see the relevant grading criteria for your draft and final submissions. In both your draft and your final submissions, p lease complete your answers on a single Word document that is named with your FULL NAME and STUDENT ID ( e.g. , John Smith_12345678). Please clearly identify your answer for each question. Note: you are not required to use APA formatting or provide references for this assignment. Question 1. In your own word s, a) describe the aim of the study, and b) explain why the authors consider the research to be important. To answer this question, you should focus on the introduction section of the paper. Your answer should be no more than 200 words. Question 2 . In your own words a) describe the research design and method , and b) explain why this design would help the researchers test their hypotheses . To answer Part A , you should focus on the methods section of the paper. You answer should include mention of the par ticipants, the timeframe s, and the main variables of interest. To answer Part B, you should refer to content from the Research Methods lectures and assigned readings (Week 2). Your answer should be no more than 400 words. Question 3. Briefly state the researchers’ main findings. Note: you do not need to refer to the statistical tests used or their results; you should simply need to state in your own words what the researchers found. You should focus on the first two paragraphs of the discussion section of the paper to answer this question. Your answer should be no more than 100 words. Question 4. You see the following social media post from a nationwide pet -store: Pets help students boost their grades A recent study has shown that when university students have dogs in their lives, they have lower stress, more energy, and better overall happiness. And we all know what that’s likely to lead to: better grades. If you’re a student, or have a student in your household, perhaps it’s time to introduce a furry friend to the family! The post includes a link to an online version of the Ward -Griffin et al. article Your task is to respond to these claims made by the pet store, based on your in-depth reading of the article as well as your knowledge of scientific research methods. Hint: you should consider whether the research article provide s sufficient evidence for the claim s being made . You should take the introduction, method, and discussion section s of the paper into consideration when answering this question. You may want to give extra focus to the limitations outlined in the discussion section. You could also refer to the Research Methods lectures and assigned readings (Week 2) to help inform your response . Your response should be no more than 400 words.

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