Research Methodology

Research Topic and Question Worksheet Standardize testing

The topic that I am potentially thinking about researching is standardized testing. In the aspect of research, I want to research if standardized testing is a good measurement of knowledge for the student as well as the success of the teacher. I choose this topic because, as an adolescent who took these tests, I always found that I dreaded them, and I felt that they had little to do with what I learned during the school year. Standardized tests are always made a big deal by the school as well as the teacher, which is why I was a student that heightened my anxiety, and in return, it made me want to do a good job; however, I always have asked myself is this a good measurement? Standardized testing often requires learners to give the same answers, and their understanding is gauged according to the answers provided. In this case, primarily, the learner does not have the opportunity to share or express what they have learned about specific subjects. This limits the purpose of many students’ learning to pass the tests and not the critical applications to the outside world.

Is standardized testing a good measure of knowledge?

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Research Methodology
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By restricting the students’ learning goals to pass the standardized tests, it can be taken that standardized testing measures the learners’ understanding and development. A learner who might not be able to frame the answers to the test according to how it is standardized will most probably fail and thus ruling out any other knowledge they had developed on the specific area of study, and therefore disregarding the total knowledge gained and the learner’s span of development.

Possible Areas for Research

The focus of the study is to identify whether the standardized tests can be used exclusively to determine the qualifications of a leaner and measure their competency for specific jobs. These learners are always desperately anxious to get good results and often feel wrong to be judged by what they can write in a single test. This standardized testing is more likely to become an item of discussion and disagreement when test scores are used to make far-reaching verdicts about educational guidelines, schools, tutors, and students. Some of the results obtained here can determine the students’ entire lives, making them crucial even to the measurement of life. The tests are less probable to be argumentative when used to analyze studying needs and give students enhanced services—even though the line unravelling these two resolutions is infamously fuzzy in practice.

Research Question

Step 1

One question that may be used is whether the mode used to create this test is suitable for the coverage of the vast knowledge that the learners might have achieved during the learning period. Do the tests evaluate what the student is required to learn in their course?Can the test be used as a comparator to what the work environment requires?What are the gaps created by restricting the students to studying to pass these tests rather than learning to understand study concepts and practical application?

Step 2: Primary Question

The main problem of the study would be to identify the reforms that could be included in the standardized testing in case it cannot be wholly avoided to make it cover all the knowledge-based parameters that a leaner is supposed to be tested. The test should encompass a mode of gauging the learners’ abilities towards the achievement of learning goals.

Step 3: Secondary Research Questions.

Are these tests equitable to all learners since everyone takes the same test and is assessed in a standard way? Do the tests have biases that may disadvantage particular learners, for instance, learners whose original language is not English? Can the advantages of standardized testing be used to enlighten efforts to advance schools and teaching, and does it compete with the costs of studying?

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