Research about Police Brutality and Biased Criminal Justice System in relation to Mexican Americans in PowerPoint with female voice audio recordings

Group Project – Power Point Presentati on with Audio Beca use in general th e class has been doing wel l and t he end of the semester is near, instead of a group paper, I will just be assign ing a power point presentation with audio . Top ics are listed at the end of this docu ment. Grou ps will be as signed. Due Date: Monday, August 10 by 11:59 pm Final Produc t: Power Point Presen tation with Audio – 10 slide s minimum , 3 .30 min utes of audio per slide . Objective: To produce a power point that ill ustrates your knowledge o n a topic related to Mexican American Studies ; to present that knowledge in a succinct and interesting way for an audi ence who know s only basic inf ormation on the topic ; to inspire the audience to change their mind about something or t o do further research on t he topic . Instruc tion s: 1. First , not as a group but in dividually, g o ove r th e topics listed at the end o f th is instructions document and pick a topic that interest s you and that you wo uld like to do more research on. 2. Then come together as a group to a gree on a topic and discuss research angles , approaches, timelines , task s. You can come together as a group either on the discussion forum that I will set up for you or via a virtual meeting platform such as Zoom, Goo gle Meet, or Microsoft Teams. I h ighly en courage you to try the virtual meeting platforms ; it will be more efficient and rewarding . During the meeti ng or over the fo rum, pitch the different topics you chose giving reasons why you think th e topic is a good topic . Ideally, one of you r topics will appear on everyone ’s list and the n it will be an e asy choi ce, but if not, some discussion will help you narrow it down. Also discuss what specifical ly you want to rese arch about this particular topi c and what you want to include in the p ower p oint . Of course, this might change as you do research and t hat ’s okay. Just keep in communication with each other about what you will include in th e fi nal product. Finally, during this fir st meeting you should create a timeline for the group and divide tasks. (G roup s will be assigned and a forum for you will be open ed by the end of Friday, J uly 31) 3. Do research and discuss. Figure out what to include in the power point and how to put it together. Research can come from websites on the internet like W ikipedia but all information must be double -checked with o ther sources. You must also incorporate research from at least 3 scholarly articles from H CC ’s libraries . Information on how to access those will be p rovided in a sepa rate doc ument. 4. The final product must be a power point with a udio made up of at least a total of 1 0 slides (not in cluding title slides). For purposes of upl oading , you should divide the po wer point presentation into TWO separate power points, PART I and PA RT II . Otherw ise, the file might be too large and cause issues when upload ing. In the power point you should include the following about your topic: a. Introduction to the to pic where you might give a n interesting statistic or tell us why your topic is i mportant or relev ant to day. Something that hooks the audience . (1 or 2 slides) b. Explanat ion and Background Information about the topic. Incl ude history , facts , and statistics related to your topic. ( 2 or 3 slides) c. Impor tant discoveries that you made . (3 to 4 slides) d. Information about c reative work related to the topic (songs, art, literature , films ). (1- 2 slides) OPTIONAL e. Any other information that you discovered that you found interesting or rel evant to the issue s di scussed in thi s course. (1-3 slides) f. A concluding slide that discusse s the impac t and importance of knowing this inf ormation or a conclu ding slide that proposes or gives us questions to consider or further research to pursue . (1 slide) You can play around with the order in which you present this information, but you must meet the 10 -SLIDE REQUIREMENT and you must have at least 3.30 MINUTES OF AUDIO PER SLIDE . Audio recordings should not simply be a repetition or readi ng out lou d of the information of the slide. Fina lly, each student should have a speaking part in the power point. Recommendations for Power Point 1. Include images and make you presentation visually app ealing in terms of c olor, organization , and font for your power point. 2. Do not overload your power point with information. Do bullet points , or a few quotes, or one long quote per power point. 3. Your audio expl anation should be bet ween 3 .30 to 5 minutes. The a udio reco rdings should not simply be a reading out loud of the information on the slides. Some of it can be a direct reading out loud, but some of it should be an e xp lanation or ex panding of what you have provided in the text of the power point. LIST OF TOPICS Continues on next page • Tlacae lel I, advisor to Aztec king during Conquest • Engineering and structure of the city of Te nochtitlan • Bracero Program in Texas • Discrimination of or racism against Mexican A merican soldiers in the armed s ervices/ different wars • Viet nam Wa r and Mexican A merican soldier s – enlistment and casualties • Current Education Quality and/or Dro p-out rate of Mexican A mericans • Las Gorras Blancas and L and righ ts • Mexicans and Mexican Americans involv em ent in the Gold Rush (Califo rnia) • Mexi can Americans (Latinos) in Hollywood (must cover ear liest actors /actress, 190 0s , can go until current times ) • Police B rutality and Biased Criminal Justice System in relation to Mexican Amer icans • M ex ican Ame rican Women Artis ts or Artist Collec tives • Intersections of the feminist mo vement and the Chicano Moveme nt • Mexican Immigration to the US in the past and today • Labor Explo itation of Undo cument ed Immigrants • Current G roups Involved in Activism /Social Justice for M exican American s • The B rown Berets • Important Mexican Ame ric an Women Activists of the past or today that we know little about ( CANNOT INCLUDE DOLORES HUER TA) • The Porvenir Massacre in Texas • Texas Range rs and violence against Mexicans and Mexican Americans • Gent rification and Mexican American communities ( Houston, LA, other places) • Colori sm within the M exican A merican or Lat in American communities Grade Rubric 20 Overall, r esearch is substantial and information presented in the power point is beyond the basic knowledge most people have on the topic. The students have shown advanced knowledge on the topic at hand. Pre sentation inform s and inspires the audi enc e. Meets the 10 -slide s (or more) requirement. 20 Slides cover the in formation requ ested under Instructions # 3 (a -f). Order can be determined by stu dents. 10 Organization of information is coher ent . The slides make sense as a whole and don ’t seem like random se parate parts . 10 Power point is visually appealing . Organization , fonts, and colors enhance readability . Images are included. 20 Power point meets the audio requirements. Audio recordings enhance the information presented on th e slides. Audio recordings ARE NOT simpl y a reading out loud of the information on the slides. Audio recordings are audible and clear. All students have a speaking part. 10 Power Point is well -edited and mostly error free. 10 Power Point includes a Works Cited page in MLA s tyle. Entries are correct and complete.

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Research about Police Brutality and Biased Criminal Justice System in relation to Mexican Americans in PowerPoint with female voice audio recordings
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