DBT closed group.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is the effectiveness of science therapy which helps individuals who experience mental health problems. The people targeted in this group are the youths who are between 18 -26 years. These youth groups need a lot of cancelling from the adults since they are still young and need to be protected and cared for. However, many of them pass through health challenges due to the following reasons. The first one is the quality of life that they are living. This makes them feel belittled, especially those who are living in poverty life. This makes them think that they are not so much better than they should be, especially when they compare themselves with those living a better life than them. Bohus, et al. (2019)

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Additionally, the next one is the relationship problem. This type of challenge is very common to youths because it was investigated that that is the age that they are busy looking for their spouses. So in such a situation, they may pass through various challenges that may result from their relationships. Sometimes they may overthink so much, which might make them suffer from stress and depression. This mainly may injure their health mentally or physically. In connection to that, it may cause suicidal thoughts, which may make them terminate their life. This means that those youths need a lot of counseling, and this will help them change their beliefs and adapt to challenges relating to relationships.

In DBT, there are three categories of targets that are primarily used. The first one is therapy interfering behavior. These are behavior type which of the therapist or the patient. A good example is being unable to complete the homework and the counseling section. However, interfering with behavior is that which causes to oneself or other individuals. The next target is life-threatening behavior. These are the behaviors that can cause harm to an individual’s life. Most people who face various challenges in life, especially a relationship challenge, are tempted to threaten their lives. This means that they are guided with their ideas, which pressures them to commit suicide, eventually harming themselves. Gayle, (2017).

Therefore, Dialectical Behavior Therapy is aimed at helping those individuals who face life difficulties by encouraging them not to take any decision of threatening their life like committing suicide. Adequate counseling should be provided to such individuals to stop interfering with other people’s behavior and stop threatening themselves. The next category of the target group for DBT is quality of life interfering behavior. This type of behavior contributes to challenges or problems, hence blocking the kind of life they see as worth living. These behaviors are contributed mainly by relationship problems, loss of jobs, drug abuse, and sexual immorality.

Therefore, the third target group usually aims at identifying the situations that can interfere with someone’s life. For example, in a case where one loses a job, there are constraints in finances, which may interfere with their behaviors. Another thing is relationship matters which has most made youth people across the world commit suicide. For example, this is done in a case where one party feels that they are rejected by the other.

DBT has various goals and objectives that it should achieve. The first one is to reduce the interfering therapy behavior. This prevents individuals from interfering with their rights and other individual’s behavior since those behaviors can cause harm to both the patients and the therapist. However, DBT has full responsibility for minimizing what interferes with someone’s behavior. The second goal is eliminating life-threatening behavior. DBT helps individuals to do away with everything that may threaten their behavior. These behaviors may make people to be tempted either to commit suicide or even harm themselves. This can be caused by broken relationships that can make one feel that they cannot continue living without someone they used to love. The third objective is reducing the quality of life interfering behavior. The issue of relationship problems is discussed under the third goal. Also, financial constraints should be reduced by ensuring that the issue of job loss is minimized. Barmala, et al. (2018)

Additionally, the DBT group is closed since it helps people who experience health problems build a life that they feel is worth living. It also supports people who have got eating disorders, self-harm, and substance use conditions. DBT is a team group process that requires carefully selecting their staff who are well skilled and committed to doing their work. They should be able to identify problems that might occur and apply a treatment that may be more effective and then provides more compelling opportunities.


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