1. How does that company or industry market differently to men vs. women?

 Gender differences affect purchase decisions made in the company. Men and women approach shopping in the market with different considerations and perspectives. Research conducted by scientists based on this subject shows that differences are observable between men’s and women’s behaviors while shopping (Littlefield, 2019). From the baseline, it is clear that the two have different considerations in the market and will shop differently.

Scientific research shows that there are various physical differences between the two gender brains. The study has shown that females have a copious corpus callosum, a bridge of nerve tissue joining the right and left sides of the brain. This property in women allows them to solve problems using their two sides of the brain. They can choose the good product marketed to them by the mobile home property developer company. On the other hand, men have a thinner corpus callosum, which makes the other gender (female) have a faster thinking capacity than men.

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Erasmus University conducted a study that shows that men are loyal to certain brands while women are loyal to good services (Suki, 2020). While marketing its services to females, the mobile home property developer and manager company build a personal bond between and shows clearly the advantage of their products. Unlike the case of men where the company knows clearly that they have mastered the company and there is no need for explaining the benefits of their products.

  1. Is personal preference becoming both more important with more choices in the market of that company or industry while at the same time being an anachronism under the pressure that we should all be the same without distinction? Why?

Personal preference affects the making of decisions. As an individual, you will study more on the choice that interests you the most. To give an example, if an individual is interested in a particular product from this company, you will choose the product you are in love with and leave the other products. In a situation where there are many brands of products in the market, and you know the good product is from a mobile home property company, you will go for it (Woon, 2020). This is where this company ensures that it creates a good relationship with its customers to have the company’s services.

Mobile home property developer companies may either introduce anachronism to help the contemporary audience engage more in having their services under the pressure that the audience may be the same without distinction. This is because it needs an anachronism mechanism to capture more audiences who will buy their services for the company to succeed.

  1. How does marketing in that company or industry balance individuality with the range of ethical foundations in today’s highly diverse but interconnected world?

Mobile home property developer and Manager Company markets all their services to both the man and women. They do this through advertisements where these adverts reach all the genders; therefore, this company has no individuality in marketing their services. The company ensures that it is in the range of the collection of met ethics so that all the moral standards during the marketing are kept as a code of conduct. Providing the same news to all genders is how this company balances individuality with the range of ethical foundations.


Littlefield, J., & Littlefield, J. E. (2019). Policy implications of localised stigma: A case study of consumer vulnerabilities experienced by mobile home park residents. Social Business9(1), 49-68.

Woon, S. L., & Suki, N. M. (2020). Strengthening the Marketing Strategies for the Traditional Property Developer in Malaysia. Global Business Management Review12(1), 89-110.

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