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Quarter 1, Week 1

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Module 1 – Lesson 1

Functions of CommunicationCan you help me? 1

  • Identify the functions of communication;
  • Write and draw examples of each function of communication.

EN11/12OC-Ia-2Can you help me? 2


Communication plays an important role in your life. It serves many functions in order to help you share thoughts and ideas with individuals and with groups of people. Basically, the functions of communication are as follows: control, social interaction, motivation, emotional expression, and information dissemination. Every communication situation bears any of the following functions discussed below.

Communication functions as a form of CONTROL. Communication helps regulate actions and behavior. A traffic enforcer calling your attention whenever you, as a pedestrian or a driver, violate traffic rules, is an example of this function. This function may likely happen whenever your parents at home or your teachers at school impose rules and regulations to follow and abide to. If you happen to violate these rules and regulations, a corresponding punishment may be given to you in order to establish the value of discipline on your part.

Communication functions to allow SOCIAL INTERACTION. Communication is meant for sharing and conveying messages, expressions and information. There is no better way to share your thoughts and ideas but through social interaction. This function is always present whenever you talk with your family members at home; whenever you excitedly gush about your common interests with friends; whenever you discuss about lessons with your teachers and classmates at school; and whenever you find yourself in small conversations with acquaintances or even strangers.

Communication functions to provide MOTIVATION. Communication can help make life better. When you come across a friend who is so down and sad, your instincts would tell you to share positive words in order to provide encouragement. You give pieces of advice and share your own personal experience to help lessen the burden of the problem your friend is going through. With this function of communication, you become an agent of change and positivity.

Communication functions to help EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION. Communication is a tool to express feelings and emotions. As an affective human person, you feel numerous feelings and emotions. One and perhaps the greatest form of expression of these feelings and emotions is through communication. Admit it or not, it feels good whenever you are able to speak about your joys and pains or your feelings of fulfillment and frustrations. It even feels better when you can express it with such intensity to equal the strength of such feeling.

Communication functions to facilitate INFORMATION DISSEMINATION. Communication functions to convey information and provide awareness. You tell your parents about the upcoming school events in order to inform them about what is going on in your school. You speak privately to your teacher about your personal concerns regarding your academics so that your teacher becomes aware of the factors that affect your performance in class. You listen to and watch announcements and broadcasts about current events concerning your country for you to be well-informed.

Can you help me? 3


Directions: Five pictures are provided in this activity. Analyze each and explain what is taking place in each picture. Write a minimum of three sentences for each explanation.Can you help me? 4

Can you help me? 5
Can you help me? 6


Directions: Share your insights about the lesson by answering the following questions:

1. Which among the functions of communication discussed is what you use most in your life? Explain your answer.

2. In your own opinion, which among the functions of communication is the most important? Explain your answer.


Directions: Draw or paste pictures from magazines and newspapers on the wheel that show the five functions of communication.Can you help me? 8


Krismelleh Cassandra Lorenzita D. Belaro-Millare, “The Function, Nature, and Process of

Communication”, Oral Communication in Context Module, Module 1-Week 1; DepEd Region V, 2021

Prepared by: Reviewed by:

Renan D. Botalon Aileen E. Paredes

English Teacher – SHS Subject Group Head – English/SHS, T-III

Recommending Approval: Approved:

Marivic A. Añonuevo Salve E. Ferreras

Assistant School Principal II School Prinicpal III


Leonisa M. Enolva

Principal I/ OIC – PSDS Bulan II

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