Report on Coca-Cola Enterprise in Edmonton

Subject: Two different businesses in London. Procedure: I have visited da coca cola enterprise in Edmonton, Never the less I have also been to Ash’s cafe. Findings: Coca- Cola enterprise limited in Edmonton. Purpose: Framework defines what being the best means for CCE, and outlines the strategic priorities that will help us become the best so we can drive consistent, longterm, profitable growth. Strategic Priorities: Grow value of existing brands and expand our product portfolio responsibly, Transform our gotomarket model to improve efficiency and effectiveness and Attract, develop and retain a highly talented and diverse workforce.
Values: Accountable: We do what we say we will do, Customerfocused: We succeed only when we exceed the expectations of our customers and Teamdriven: We win as a team, and do it the right way. Business model /ownership: The coca cola enterprise is a public limited company. Nevertheless the company sells shares to raise investment, and it is owned and controlled by the managing director and other employed staff to run the plant. The brand name of coca- cola is known globally- in most countries in the world including the United States of America and countries outside of Europe.
Location of the business: The organisation of coca cola enterprise is located in Edmonton. Nevertheless it is located off the A406 which is situated off the Lee valley industrial estate. Sector of business: The sector of the coca cola enterprise is in the secondary and the tertiary sector. This is because; the factory buys raw materials from other companies such as sugar from Tate and Lyle and produces their beverages. Coca- Cola enterprise Edmonton also sells their products and offers a service to the customer in relation, to storage of the product and how best to market it.

Size of the business: The size of coca cola enterprise in Edmonton is medium because, it employs approximately 226 staff, who works 9:00- 17:00 or shifts to keep the plants up run. Retail channel: The coca cola enterprise in Edmonton is a bottling company. Nevertheless the retail channel is to allocate their products to other companies like supermarkets, warehouse, shops and other business. The appropriate of coca cola enterprise: It is a successful business and is running successful. It is appropriate because it is the only bottling factor in Edmonton. It is also suitable because it is it is on an industrial estate with other factories.


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