Reply with at least 200 words citation and reference

Reading the article “Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems,” There are many different approaches to use linear programing into investments. All have different scenarios but have a goal of finding the return on their investment. Using some of the tools offered in class, I can see how this would benefit my portfolio. Since diversification into different classes of stocks or bonds yield different returns and different risks. Using linear programming could ease some of the burden on a complex fund. Finding personal constraints such as funding caps for high-risk accounts amounts invested into certificates and bonds could be accounted into a model to determine a return for a time period. Since I invest 10% to a 401K, could take a portion of my investments and manually override to invest certain of my funds. While I can create a high-risk portfolio, I could optimize the amounts I should invest to plan for a great case, or worse case scenario.

Anderson, D. R., Sweeney, D. J., Williams, T. A., Camm, J. D., Cochran, J. L., Fry, M. J., & Ohlmann, J. W. (2016). Quantitative methods for business with CengageNOW (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 9781305799257

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Reply with at least 200 words citation and reference
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Nguyen, T. T. (2016). Portfolio selection under higher moments using fuzzy multi-objective linear programming. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 30(4), 2139–2156.


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