Reply with at least 200 words citation and reference

What type of learner are you? KINESTHETIC:  

Do you know what type of learner you are? Do you know how many types there are? Most, importantly, why does it matter anyway!?!

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Reply with at least 200 words citation and reference
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Understanding what type of learner you are helps you study more effectively and be more productive with your time as well.

The 4 types are:

  1. VISUAL. You learn by through charts, maps, graphs, diagrams, but does not include photographs or videos. Visual learned learn best when they are able to see patterns, shapes and other visual engagement.
  2. AUDIO. You prefer to hear information and benefit from group discussion. You might also enjoy ‘talking things out’ as well.
  3. READING/WRITING PREFERENCE. You prefer text-based input and output. The act a writing something down helps you understand it better.
  4. KINESTHETIC: You prefer hands on learning to practice applying new information.

Once you identify what type of learner you are, think about how you study. How is it helping you be most effective? If you realize you are not being effective in your studying, seek to adapt 🙂

I offer myself as an example. I am visual and have always been. Patterns have always popped to me, which also explains my craving for minimalism in most areas of my life, I am easily able to form a pattern. When I was a student, I took notes and more notes. Student services paid me for my notes and would make copies for students with disabilities. I realized through this process, that the act of writing it down is not what helped me learn, but how I wrote it down–it was color coded. I took notes in color: main points (black), key theory or concepts (red), sub points (blue), example applications (green). You see, the notes of mine that were copied were black and white. When I looked at them, they were just empty words, I needed the pattern of the color to make my memory recall work.

Its all part of your learning journey, take time to reflect on where you are in your journey and how to make the rest of the journey more enjoyable.


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