Reply with at least 150 words with citation and reference.

In my experience, an individual can have all the self-motivation in the world, but without a motivation or supportive manager the individual can still fall short. I am a natural self-motivated person and in my previous role, my manager was very hands off. This was bittersweet as I had time to complete all my tasks without someone micromanaging me, but I also lacked any motivation from that manager in the ways of feedback.

Goal setting on interpersonal and organizational levels is a big impact. In my previous role, we had monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals for both our individual selves in our role as well as goals that tied into our division’s overall goals. This allowed not only management to track efforts, but also for the employees to work toward something and create motivation for themselves as well. Griffin, Phillips, and Gully state that “comparing people’s short-term performances with their goals can be an effective way to monitor the organization’s longer-term performance.” This also allows management to see where individuals and teams are thriving or can improve and can restructure accordingly if needed.

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Reply with at least 150 words with citation and reference.
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Griffin, R.W., Phillips, J.M., & Gully, S.M. (2020). Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.


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