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Emotional Intelligence is a working skill that must obtain a balance between the four elements of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills. These four elements guide leaders into how to be successful. I tie this into self-mastery with having the skill of not only caring for yourself but for others around you. Which is where the social awareness plays in. There is a universal proverb that goes along the lines of you having to take care of yourself before helping others. Almost exactly after the example of how a flight attendant instructs everyone on putting their own mask on BEFORE helping and assisting those around you. Raj Sisodia beautifully illustrated how these skills play into developing an effective leader along with having a tough and tender stance when directing others (McDonough, 2019).

Applying all four of these skills are not easy to most and especially for me for that matter. I myself do excel in self-awareness to the point where it is painful and to where it can be debilitating. Christ the Savior is a great example how He ‘grew in stature with God and with His fellow man’ while He was here during His mortal ministry. We see that He took time out to take care of Himself and recharge even after great sermons that He shared and miracles that He performed. We also know in the New Testament that He perceived those He taught by understanding their weaknesses and responded to Thomas by inviting Him to feel the marks on His hands after His resurrection knowing that Thomas was still doubtful. These are a few examples of how He was able to fully grasp at self-leadership.

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Reply to this with a reference citation:
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To go into the balance portion, we can see how too much self-awareness can be crippling whereas too much self-management can come off close-minded. Some advice I received before taking command of a company was to ‘make sure things are right in the home’. This shows evidence that anyone who fosters effective self-leadership must be of a sound mind with a good foundation.


Georgetown McDonough. (2019, December 17). Conscious capitalism unpacked: An evening with Raj Sisodia. [Video]. YouTube.


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