Remedies for Breach of Contract

LS311M4All competency criteria must be met to earn a B grade and pass this Course Outcome. A predefined number of mastery criteria must be met to earn an A grade, indicating mastery of the Course Outcome. See the CLA and Grade Criteria Chart below.*If work submitted for this Competency Assessment does not meet the minimum submission requirements, it will be returned without being scored.METNOT YET METRemedies for breach of contract CompetencyStudent discusses whether or not a contract exists between the auction house and Pearl.If the student indicates that the suit be brought against Cassie or Candie.Student discusses the concept of specific performance and whether or not it is a remedy that is available to Pearl.Student discusses potential defenses with regard to the alleged contract. MasteryStudent clearly explains the potential defenses.Total Competency Criteria:Total Mastery Criteria:CLA and Grade Criteria ChartCRITERIACLA ScoreGradePointsMeets all competency criteria and 50%-100% of mastery criteria5A1000Meets all competency criteria and 0%-49% of mastery criteria4B850Meets 75%-99% of competency criteria3Not Yet Competent*0Meets 50%-75% of competency criteria2Not Yet Competent*0Meets 1%-49% of competency criteria1Not Yet Competent*0Meets 0 competency criteria0Not Yet Competent*0No submissionNANot Yet Competent*0*Not Yet Competent grades convert to an F at term end

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Remedies for Breach of Contract
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