Relapse and Other Problems Frequently Encountered in Substance Rehabilitation

I need to do a PowerPoint Presentation outlining and discussing a chapter from the textbook for my Addictions Disorders class. The text Book is “Concepts of Chemical Dependency” 10th Edition; Author Harold Doweiko; Publisher Cengage, ISBN 978-1-337-563-45-1 The chapter being covered is Chapter 34- Relapse and Other Problems Frequently Encountered in Substance Rehabilitation. I’m thinking 20 slides covering the chapter. I would want the person handling the assignment to be in the field of Psychology, Social Work, or Mental Health so they have an understanding of addiction to properly layout the information from the book into the presentation. If they could l include 1 or 2 more references that would be amazing! Please confirm if you can complete this assignment and when. Also I just saw how expensive this is, so please don’t include a title Page or reference page as I will do that. But please email me any other references the writer uses. Thank you


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