Refer to the project proposal you created for the Unit II Assignment

Research Proposal

Research Proposal

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Refer to the project proposal you created for the Unit II Assignment
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Flu is a common illness that affects the health of the population. Several strategies have been devised to counter the impacts of flu among the population. For instance, vitamin supplements and flu shots towards reducing flu especially during the winter season. This research proposal will be to develop a hypothesis, define the method section of the proposal, provide a description of the subjects, how they will be recruited, how they will be assigned to treatment and control groups or conditions, to define the independent and dependent variables, and then explain the procedure applied during data collection when assessing the effectiveness of flu shots in reducing instances of flu during the winter season when compared to vitamin supplements.


Flu shots are more effective compared to vitamin supplements when reducing individual instances of flu during one winter season.


The method that will be used will be an observational study of the pretest-posttest control group research design that uses statistical analysis to prove or disprove a hypothesis. The true experimental research design is made up of the Control Group, variable that will be manipulated by the researcher, and random distribution.


The study will be comprised of 20 participants in the experimental group and 20 groups in the control group. The racial composition of the study participants was 80 percent white, 10 percent were black non-Hispanic, 5 percent were Hispanic, while the remaining 5 percent comprised of other minority races. 60 percent of the study participants were male while 40 percent were female.

Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment and selection of the study participants were equitable and within the confines of the research study. The study participants will be selected through simple random sampling from the listing obtained from the local health care facility. According to Martínez-Mesa and colleagues (2016), the selection of the participants should be random and objective enough to be representative of the population.

Treatment and Control Groups

Only the experimental group will be treated while the Control Group will be observed and kept for comparison. Both groups undergo a pre-test to determine their status. After the two groups are closely observed over a period of time, the groups undergo a post-test to measure the degree of change in each group, the treatment, and the control group.

Independent and Dependent Variables

The dependent variables during the study included the age of the study participants, their race, gender, marital status, level of education, self-reported health status, access to care, living status, and smoking behavior. On the other hand, the dependent variables included the individual-level vaccination status using the flu shots and the vitamin supplements status. The responsive variable will be the effectiveness of either flu shots or vitamin supplements after the winter season is over.

Procedure for Data Collection

It is important not to allow the behavior of the study subjects and/or researcher to influence the results of the experiment (Morling, 2017). The subjects should also not be aware of whether they are in the control or experimental group as it could influence the outcomes of the research. The researcher should observe the way the subjects respond to changes in stimuli; that is, the exposure of the subjects to flu shots and vitamin supplements compared to the control group while recording the contextual trends. Methods such as focus groups, pre-existing data, and official data from reputable sources, and observed data could be collected. After collection, the next step would be to analyze and interpret the results from the data collected.


Martínez-Mesa, J., González-Chica, D. A., Duquia, R. P., Bonamigo, R. R., & Bastos, J. L. (2016). Sampling: how to select participants in my research study?. Anais brasileiros de dermatologia91(3), 326-330.

Morling, B. (2017). Research methods in psychology: Evaluating a world of information (3rd ed.). Norton.

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