reducing gun violence

This paper is a semester long assignment in which the professor divided up into sections. I have already done assignments 1 and 2 so the 20 pages requested will be for assignments 3 – 5. I included what I’ve written for assignments 1 – 2 as well as the requirements so you may see the entire project as a whole. The gist of the paper is to identify a problem, discuss what is being done about that problem, what isn’t working with that strategy because the issue remains, and finally finding something that’s backed by research that has been proven to reduce that issue. my topic is the high rate of gun violence in Baltimore city. the strategy that the city has used before “gun buyback program” is what I’ve chosen that doesn’t work. I didn’t touch on it but I do know Baltimore has mandatory sentencing for individuals caught with illegal guns, you can research that more if you need more to write about.I know one project – Operation Ceasefire – was effective with reducing gun violence. I have some material attached for the pilot location in Boston. They have done this in a few other places now, some links below for those I know of off the top of my head. This research, and who is working on it or citing it is probably a good place continue research. If you know of or find a better program feel free to change it.


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