Read the story entitled “Shame” by Richard Gregory.

Read the story entitled “Shame” by Richard Gregory.  Select one of the following prompts and write an essay of approximately 1500 words.

Topic Choices

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Read the story entitled “Shame” by Richard Gregory.
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1.     What deep-seated meaning is inherent in Gregory’s parting statement when he says, “I waited too long to help another man.” What life-changing significance or impact does this statement suggest?

2.     Define and analyze the concept of “respectability,” or lack thereof, portrayed in the story.

3.     What lessons are learned, if any, by Gregory putting another person’s needs above his own needs?

4.     At some point in life, you probably had an experience similar to Dick Gregory: something that happened in a classroom, a group of friends or peers, or a family situation that proved to be both humiliating and educational. At the time, the experience may have hurt you very much, but you learned from it. Write an essay in which you incorporate your personal experience with specific details from Gregory’s story.    


·       Formal essay required

·       Avoid second person voice and excessive use of pronouns

·       Identify title and author in the opening paragraph

·       Appropriately document specifics from the story following APA guidelines.

·       If sources other than the short story is used in your essay document appropriately.

·       Remember to use a signal phrase for all direct quotations.

·       Write analysis in the present tense

·       Maintain focus on your main idea (thesis)

·       Use specific support from the story to prove your main idea.

·       Create an original title for the essay with a title page.

·       Include a Reference page.

Write your essay from the original work. If you plagiarize any aspects of this assignment, you will receive a “0.”  Rely on your own intellect.

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