Read the following case study, review the data sets, and answer the subsequent questions.

Please have experience with research methodology and program evaluationProgram Evaluation WorksheetName of Student: Marjorie BasballeNames of Group Members: N/ARead the following case study, review the data sets, and answer the subsequent questions.Case StudySteven is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works for a community mental health center providing a psychoeducation group on stress management and anxiety reduction. The goals of the program are for members to increase coping strategies for daily life stressors and reduce their current level of anxiety. Steven holds weekly psychotherapy group meetings on Wednesdays at noon in a conference room at the mental health center. The therapy group is a closed group that runs continuously in 8-week intervals. Clients are referred to the group by therapists, physicians, and clergy. Inclusion criteria to participate in the group include formal referral and a Beck Anxiety Inventory Score of 22 or higher.   In an effort to determine whether the services are meeting the needs of the clients, Steven has conducted a Program Evaluation and collected pre- and post-test program data from three sets of group participants. His findings will be used to determine renewal of his program. Analyze the following quantitative and qualitative data and determine whether enough evidence exists to rule the program as effective and make one recommendation regarding the future of the program.Pre-Test DataBeck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) Pre-Intervention Scores         Group 1Group 2Group 312522312242430322243042227295272228628332472536248253322929322710242728Post-Test DataBeck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) Post Intervention Scores         Group 1Group 2Group 312521302162020321221942018245212022619232172234218243320928302010242218Post-Intervention Qualitative Survey ResponsesQuestion: Do you feel that participating in this group helped you feel better prepared to cope with daily life stressors?       Group 1Group 2Group 31YYY2NNY3YYY4YYY5YYY6NYN7NYY8YYN9YNN10YYYWhat is the purpose of Steven’s Program Evaluation?What is the population of interest and who are the stakeholders for this Program Evaluation?Compute the mean BAI scores pre- and post-intervention. Pre-InterventionPost-InterventionG 1G2G3G1G2G3Total Pre-Test MeanTotal Post-Test MeanWhat is the median BAI score pre- and post-intervention?Pre-Intervention MedianPost-Intervention MedianG1G2G3G1G2G3Total Pre Test MedianTotal Post Test MedianQuantitative: According to the scoring criteria for the BAI, a score of 21 or below indicates very low anxiety. What percentage of each group’s scores falls below that clinical cutoff?Qualitative: Based on the qualitative responses, what percentage of the participants articulated a feeling of improvement?Group 1Group 2Group 3PrePostPre PostPrePost0%0%0%Mean of Total Percentage of Improvement for all 3 Groups 123What trends to you observe when you compare the quantitative data with the qualitative data?Based on the information provided, was the intervention effective for reducing anxiety? Why or why not? What was the most critical data that informed your decision?Describe one recommendation that you would make for the assessing program effectiveness going forward and explain your rationale.(An improvement for the evaluation, not the program.)Based on your data analysis, describe one recommendation that you would make for the design of the intervention program going forward and explain your rationale.(An improvement for the therapy group, not the program.)

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Read the following case study, review the data sets, and answer the subsequent questions.
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