Read the below presentation and provide feedback, are there areas that need adjustments?

From its very beginnings, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie had served as the purpose of the organization. Through a business model he calls “compassionate consumerism,” Mycoskie sought to “build an emotional bond with customers and motivate employees” (Mycoskie, 2016). Originating to meet a need he discovered while vacationing in Argentina, Mycoskie was convinced that charity donation programs could be improved by connecting the act of giving with the sale of shoes in his own country. He created a company, Tomorrow’s Shoes (later shortened to TOMS), that functioned on a “one-to-one” model, meaning that for every pair sold, the company would donate a pair of shoes to people in need. Over the last few years, TOMS has branched out into other markets, still with the purpose of providing a service for each goal. Their one-to-one offering now includes eyeglasses, offering glasses, and other optical services for every pair sold. TOMS also sells coffee to provide water to individuals in need and bags that are sold to provide birthing kits and training for midwives.

Mycoskie is committed to authentic leadership that shows compassion and empathy for all stakeholders (Vossbeck, 2016). Instead of welding authority to establish power, Mycoskie has developed a culture of trust, stewardship, shared credit, and creative cooperation to help motivate his employees (Vossbeck, 2016). He shares that some of the most important leadership commitments he has made are to live an authentic life; listen to employees; be approachable; empower employees, even giving freedom to fail; and ensuring that the “why” of the company is always the center focus (Vossbeck, 2016). 

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Read the below presentation and provide feedback, are there areas that need adjustments?
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In keeping his team committed to the company’s purpose, Mycoskie discovered that “a servant leader with a purpose-driven team can create a movement,” and that has translated into customer loyalty as well (Vossbeck, 2016). The one-to-one model helps invest customers in the mission of service. Connecting TOMS’ sales with a real-life story of service as a passion, that Mycoskie suggests, “will transform customers into evangelists and employees into self-driven entrepreneurs” (Vossbeck, 2016). 

Mycoskie, B. (2016, April 04). The Founder of TOMS on Reimagining the Company’s Mission. Retrieved from

Vossbeck, 2016, M. (2016, March 7). Leading with authenticity and purpose – using the example of Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS. Retrieved October 5, 2020, from, 2016/

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