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The selected issue is HIV/AIDS which is a killer disease that requires people to understand how to avoid getting infected. The selected population is the youth who are exposed to this disease based on the fact that they tend to have poor morals. Therefore, there is the need to come up with the best campaign strategies that will help the youth to improve their knowledge when it comes to HIV/AIDS. The campaigns should be made to help to do away with the gaps that already exist with the information that is available concerning HIV/AIDS. Also, the campaigns are meant to provide more information to the youth on how they should prevent themselves from getting infected. Moreover, the campaigns are meant to help the ones that are already infected on how to deal with the disease and live a normal life.

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4Ps of Social Marketing applied to your campaign Promotional Strategies for the campaign

It is through social marketing that the information can reach the targeted population, the youth in the best manner possible. With the use of social marketing, most of the challenges that are associated with the campaigns can be eliminated. Social marketing is among the different actions that ensure that the focused clients’ needs are met in the shortest time possible (French, 2017). In other words, social marketing makes it possible to realize the needs of the target population resulting in a situation by which the target audience’s needs are met according to their expectations. Social marketing makes use of different principles that when integrated builds on attaining the projected change. The 4Ps that are involved in the social marketing activity are product, price, promotion, place which can be integrated to build on providing clear information to the youth based on how they can act so as to prevent themselves from being infected.

The product, in social marketing, refers to the product that can easily be accepted by the youth without complications and arguments. Therefore, the campaign should focus on providing information to the youth in ensuring that they use condoms when they have to involve themselves in sexual behaviors. Also, the campaign will focus on providing information to the youth that drinking alcohol is harmful and increases the chances of them getting infected since they can easily decide not to use condoms. Therefore, the campaign should focus on explaining to the youth that they should reduce their drinking habits and make sure that they take amounts that they will be in a position to control themselves.

Price refers to all the issues that are concerned and related to the cost of acquiring the information (Weinreich, 2011). Also, the price can be related to the different consequences that arise when one stops to drink. Therefore, the information should be offered free during the campaigns allowing the youth to be ready to attend and provide manuals that they can read later. Promotion relates to the specific manner in which the youth will have increased level of benefits if they decide to use condoms and stop drinking. Therefore, the campaign should promise the youth that their health will be improved and live a comfortable life.

Place refers to the situation by which the products are made available to the youth. Therefore, the campaign should make use of social media that spreads information fast. Also, printed manuals should be provided for the youth to read more about on how they should behave. Also, condoms will be offered to the youth and make sure that they are at convenient locations that they can access when in need. With all these in mind, it is clear that the campaign will be successful and will meet the needs of the youths over time.


French, J. (2017). Social marketing and public health : theory and practice. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Weinreich, N. (2011). Hands-on social marketing : a step-by-step guide to designing change for good. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications.

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