read an article and a short story for this week’s reading

1) You read an article and a short story for this week’s reading. Which did you like better? Which kept your attention? Why? What does this tell you about the power of narrative?

2) For this unit’s Written Assignment, you will utilize the UoPeople library to find 1 source for the article or story you read. This can be anything from searching on the writers of the readings to the subject matter. You will then analyze the story or article, along with the source, in order to demonstrate synthesis. You will be graded upon original thought and how well you convey that thought in regards to the material gathered. You will write a minimum of 2 paragraphs.

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read an article and a short story for this week’s reading
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3)This unit’s Learning Journal focuses on creating a results section for your research paper. This section will include 2-3 paragraphs on your analysis of your own results from the research method you chose last week. These paragraphs will be based upon your own analysis and synthesis of those sources. You will want to include a brief explanation of what method you chose and why (Tip: You can use the information from last week for this part). Finally, you will determine what value your results are to 

Reading Assignment

This unit requires the following resources for reading:

  • Methodology and Results: PDF / PowerPoint
  • One external source found by using the UoPeople Library.
  • This article by Frank Litsky and Lena Williams: Many Sporting Events Called Off or Postponed 
  • This creative non-fiction story by Hunter S. Thompson the day after 9-11 from a sporting news outlet: own study. Keep in mind that reliability and validity are not the same thing.

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