Question of ethics

A QUESTION OF ETHICSComplete the following assignment from Chapter 8, listed at the end of section 8.9: A Question of Ethics.Read the case presented in the Question of Ethics.Address the case questions in a 250 to 300-word essay.Include references in APA format.A QUESTION OF ETHICS One of the systems analysts on the project team thought that he did a good job of design-ing the company’s tech support webpage, but his supervisor isn’t so sure. His supervisor is concerned that the design is very similar to a page used by the company’s major compet-itor, and she asked him whether he had used any HTML code from that site in his design. Although the analyst didn’t copy any of the code, he did examine it in his web browser to see how they handled some design issues. The supervisor asked the analyst to investigate webpage copyright issues and report back to her. In his research, the analyst learned that outright copying would be a copyright violation, but merely viewing other sites to get design ideas would be permissible. What is not so clear is the gray area in the middle. The analyst asked you, as a friend, for your opinion on this question: Even if no actual copying is involved, are there ethical constraints on how far you should go in using the creative work of others? How would you answer?


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