Quality Management plan

Quality Management Plan[In this section, address your quality management plan. Refer to how you will measure quality, which tools and techniques of quality you will use in your project and how you will incorporate ongoing improvement of your project management and other processes used to create your deliverable in this project. Refer to the PMBOK® Guide sections 8.1.2, 8.2.2, and 8.3.2 and the textbook for items to consider in this section of your project management plan].Apply concepts of agile and Scrum methodologies to the quality management plan. Using the following example of an epic write at least three epics with each having at least two user stories.Scenario: A software development project that aims to create a SOS app for mountain hikers.Epic 01: Provide one button pressing to send current latitude and longitude info to designated recipients, including 911.User story 1: Once installed a user can enable or disable the feature.User story 2: Allow users to optionally send first name, last name, and other identification.User story 3: Users can record a SOS message that can be sent to 911.


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