Qualitative design

  • Differentiate among the following qualitative designs for your discussion. Make sure you include citations from/or referring to authors who are specialists in these methods. Your general methods texts are not sufficient to master these methods:
    • Phenomenology (e.g. Georgi, Moustakas, etc.)
    • Grounded theory (Glaser, Strauss, etc.)
    • Ethnography (White, Benedict, Mead, etc.)

Include clear definitions of each in your responses.

  • Case studies are often included in the discussions of qualitative design options.
    • Why do you think this is so?
    • Define case study research (Robert Yin, etc.).
    • Explain why most case study research involves the collection of qualitative data.
  • Still following PTSD. APA, 300 words.

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Qualitative design
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