Purpose, and Background and Significance



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Purpose, and Background and Significance
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Checklist for Peer Evaluation of Research Statement,

Purpose, and Background and Significance

Your job is to edit the paper of one of your classmates. This is a serious responsibility. Your help (or lack of it) may affect the writer’s grade. Take your time and edit to the best of your ability. This exercise may help you discover ways to improve your own paper. Don’t hesitate to make corrections or write questions and comments right on the paper.

General Checklist

1. Spelling

2. Grammar

3. Concise (Is it too wordy?)

4. Clarity (Is it clear?)

5. Proper Headings

6. Page Numbers

7. Citation Format

8. Double Spaced

9. Avoid the use of “I,” “we,” “you,” “your,” “our,” etc.

Research Statement: The research statement is the thesis or main point of the paper. This sentence will control the entire paper. The success or failure of the paper will depend–in large part–on whether the writer meets the obligations stated in this sentence.

1. Is it one sentence?

2. Does it begin, “This report will?”

3. Is the next word a strong verb?

4. Does the statement have a specific focus?

5. Does it contain the name of a company?

6. Is it analytical or merely descriptive?

7. What are the two variables in the research statement? _________________

and ______________.

8. What is the relationship? _____________________________________

Purpose: The purpose explains “why” the writer even wants to consider the research statement at all. Typically, the purpose is to make a decision, or to improve productivity or profit.

1. Is it one sentence?

2. Is the purpose significant or important?

3. Is the purpose clear?

4. Does it begin, “The purpose of this report is to?”

5. Is the next word a strong verb?

Background and Significance: This section provides an introduction to the paper. It typically defines critical terms, describes the problem, describes the company (if any), provides needed background information, and expands on the purpose.

1. Is it between one and two pages long?

2. Does it describe a specific business problem?

3. Can you understand the problem?

4. Can you understand why the problem is significant?

Suggestions for Improvement: Give the writer at least two specific comments about the paper.






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