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The Rationale for Dealing with Scenarios 1 and 2 as a Chief of Staff 3

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Beneficial Leadership Theory and Public Leadership Styles for the Changes in Policies and Practices for the School Board 6

The Impact of Leadership of Various Government Departments on the Leadership of the City Manager 8

Leading Local Government Unit 10

Conclusion 11

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Effective Public administration requires the collaboration of different stakeholders ranging from the chief executive and mayor to the smallest unit of the sub-departments of the government. But the most significant role is played by the leadership of the different departments. The responsibility of the Chief of staff is to develop a smooth connection between the reporting team of the Chief executive and the Chief executive himself. The chief of staff has to deal with the problems that are brought to them by the reporting team in his or her area. As a Chief of staff, my first duty is to solve the problems present at the moment and to mediate any kind of disputes within the community in collaboration with the leadership of different governmental departments. In this assignment, I, as a Chief of Staff, will provide a rationale for solving the problems of different governmental departments through the lens of their leadership.The Rationale for Dealing with Scenarios 1 and 2 as a Chief of Staff

In the health department administration, all the department chiefs come under the jurisdiction of the Chief of staff so they direction for improvement is provided by the Chief of staff to solve the problems under consideration. The health department in the city is having problems with leadership. The stakeholders complain about the unprofessional nature of the leadership in the department that is why the first step is to either change the leadership or provide training in the form of leadership conferences or seminars. The second problem is the use of unethical practices in the hospital and that is why there is a need to establish strict SOPs in the hospitals and strong leadership has to ensure that everyone follows the procedure and directions set by the leadership. There are an insufficient customer and patient care and for that purpose, there is a need to increase the budget of the healthcare department so that newly trained and professional staff can be hired to cater to the needs of the patients and customers. The emergency and fire response time are also reported to be poor and for that purpose, training and guidance will be provided to the staff of the emergency department along with conducting emergency drills. One of the major issues that the department is facing is the inability to rightly implement the change in the department because of the conflictual environment within the staff of the department. The reforms are needed in fire and emergency management, social services, and human services and for that purpose, the first step is to change the leadership of the department (Boyne, 2003).

The educational department has also found to be working ineffectively with the school board. The School board has to work in a collaborative manner with the governmental department i.e. educational department of the government. School Board has recently filed the complaint of the inability of the department directors with work with the School Board or in any way, collaborates with it. They did not meet the federal mandates, especially in the context of the issues related to the new policy. According to the new policy, they had to reconsider the leadership of various departments according to the needs of these departments i.e. the State Department of Education, the Department of Redevelopment and Housing, and the State Department of Housing and Urban Development. The leadership of the secondary school wanted to get the data from the Juvenile relationship department to make changes in student retention and in improving the performance of the students in school. At the same time, they aimed at increasing the graduation rates in secondary school by making the necessary changes. Instead, the leadership of the Department of Juvenile Relations failed to provide the data is given time and therefore, it created hindrance in the working of the educational department. The academic leadership had to suffer because of the slow timing and inefficiency and negligence of other departments. The governmental departments are connected to each other and therefore, they need each other in smooth working and for that purpose, there is a need to established effective communication between the leadership of different departments so that they can work with each other. As chief of staff, the first step I would take is to change the leadership of the departments or to provide proper and effective training.Beneficial Leadership Theory and Public Leadership Styles for the Changes in Policies and Practices for the School Board

The first step is to change the leadership altogether or to change the leadership style, depending on the damage done by the leaderships. First of all, there will be meetings with the leaders of different departments along with the policymakers, local government, and the chief executive. If the leadership of different departments is willing to work with the changes then proper leadership seminars and training programs will be conducted to make necessary changes and provide motivation but if they are resistant to the changes then there will be a change in the leadership altogether because seeing the situation, it is a most necessary step. Leadership influence the staff and employees get motivation from them, therefore, the most essential aspect is to work on the leadership of the department. The practices and policies can only be changed by changing the leadership.

In addressing the issues of the School Board, a transformational leader is required because they inspire the employees to work effectively, instead of giving direct orders. The transformational leadership theory states that leadership of a certain organization should work together with the team to pinpoint the issues which need evolution and change. In this way, along with the help of the department, they create the vision by which they inspire the employees to work in that particular direction (Dionne et al., 2004). In this kind of leadership, the change is brought up by the committed members of the department. In the School Board, the transformational leadership first gathers all the stakeholders of the department and list down the issues and then work together with them to solve these issues. According to the transformational leadership theory, a leader is powerful enough to make the changes happen i.e. they will effectively communicate with the leadership of other departments to make necessary changes for the betterment of the educational department.

The leadership styles that would generate beneficial results for making a necessary change in the education department will be the Coaching leadership style and strategic leadership style. According to the coaching leadership style, leaders do not directly order the employees or make employees work according to their own vision; rather they influence the staff members to develop the best results for the department (Berg & Karlsen, 2016). In this scenario, leadership will guide the employees in the department to work together towards the positive change. According to the strategic leadership style, the development of the strategy is the first step towards making a change (Vera & Crossan, 2004). There should be a strategy for managing the department and the employees. In this leadership style, there are thick chances of influencing the staff and members to work for organizational change. In solving the issues of the School Board, the leadership of the education department will first change the departmental structure according to the needs and then reallocate the budget and resources according to their strategy. Such leadership also translates their vision into reality. In this way, leadership will also be able to collaborate with other departments. The coaching-style leadership will help the school board to make necessary changes within their own department and the strategic and transformational side of leadership will be beneficial for making changes in different departments’ approach towards them. They will have to work with the school board because of the strong and influential leadership.The Impact of Leadership of Various Government Departments on the Leadership of the City Manager

The city manager is the administrative manager of the city and sometimes also known as the chief executive officer and chief administrative officer. The major responsibility of the city manager is to meet the several departmental heads ad chiefs of different departments to first identify the problems and then solve these issues. They make suggestions and recommendations to the city leaders and the mayors of the city. They also handle the budgets, project costs, and the needs and requirements of different departments and projects (Kearney et al., 2000). The city manager carries out all the operations and functioning of the city government and handles everything including finances and resources related to it. But the city manager can only carry out his responsibly and operations effectively if he gets enough support from the chiefs and heads of the different departments.

The city manager, along with the chief of staff and local members of the government, meet up with the leadership of different departments and pinpoint the issues in different departments. They, then work together towards solving the problems. The leadership of different departments needs to effectively work with the city manager to bring real change in the community. For example, the leadership of the department of the public health will first identify the issues of his department along with the subordinates of his own department and then brings up those issues to the city manager so that he can provide enough budget and resources to the public health department so that they can make necessary changes. In this way, the whole functioning of the operations under the city manager depends on the effectiveness of the leadership of different departments. If they are responsible enough, they will provide the right picture to the city manager, therefore the leadership of different departments directly affects the operations under the city managers.

The leadership of different departments i.e. the Department of Public Health, the School Board, and the various other government departments has a direct relationship with the effectiveness of the leadership of the city manager. The transformational and strategic style of the leadership of the city manager cannot alone change the fate of the city if other leaders of different departments are ready to change the functioning and operations of their departments. In this way, the governmental operations work by the coordination and collaborative efforts of the leadership of different departments. The city manager makes a city to work as a unit and they plan, direct, and oversee the operations of each department. They need to be trustworthy, approachable, respectable, and ethical and have the integrity to carry out the functioning with honesty.Leading Local Government Unit

The local government unit is the integration of different administrative units in the small geographical area whose fiscal, legislative and executive authority is conducted by the city manager and the chief of staff, along with the heads of different departments. Under the current circumstances, as a Chief of staff, I would first want to change or influence the leadership of different departments to be effective and also to communicate with each other in an effective manner to carry out smooth functioning. The local government as a unit can only move forward if different sub-units of the government can work together and in collaboration. Therefore, I would provide the most attention to effective communication among different departments of the city and to make the leadership of different departments strong. Secondly, the budget will be reallocated according to the needs and requirements of different departments and to conduct training programs for the employees and staff of the public service departments. The leadership always influences the people they are working with, therefore, I will lead the example by listening to the concerns and issues of different departments, not only from their leadership but also from staff so that issues and problems of grass root level can be solved effectively. Effective leadership is the prerequisite for changing the fate of the department and for that purpose; my priority will be to introduce the transformational and strategic leadership style among the leaders of various departments and sub-units of the government. A city or a governmental unit should develop a sense of community and home for the citizens where they can raise their voices and express their concerns about anything.Conclusion

Under the light of the above discussion, it is deduced that effective and influential leadership is the prerequisite to provide effective public administration to any governmental unit. Apart from that, the collaboration between the leadership of different departments is the second step towards conducting effective functioning and operation of different governmental departments. Different public departments can only work effectively if they have the right communication and can get support from other departments because governmental departments work under one unit. A unit can only work in an effective manner if there are communication and collaboration within its subunits. For that purpose, the leadership of different departments should work together. As chief of staff, I would promote the collaboration within different departments and therefore, I would introduce the changes in the leadership staff of different departments to take necessary steps under the current scenario to conduct the training programs and seminars for the employees to provide best public services to the citizens of the city.References

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