Public Health – Understanding Environmental Health

For the Midterm Paper Assignment, you use your Bibliography to help you write a 6- to 10-page paper about this topic. I

In your paper, present a logical and concise description of the environmental health issue (Water-borne disease)and the public health significance (Cholera) in a background section. Include a detailed characterization of potential or likely exposures and the health impact on human populations. 

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Public Health – Understanding Environmental Health
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Describe any current public health actions, including activities, policies, or procedures to address the issue, or make recommendations for those that may be applied. 

Your 6- to 10-page Midterm Paper is to follow APA format and must include the following sections: 
• Title page 
• Background 
• Assessment of Exposure 
• Assessment of Public Health Impact 
• Current Status of Action or Proposed Action (U.S. or other relevant geographic location) 
• APA formatted Reference List 

The body of the paper is to be 6–10 pages, not including the title page and references. APA style headers are expected for each section, and you may use sub headers as needed for readability. 

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