Public Health in the Media First step

Watch the movie and then write 3 full pages about what you just watched.

Public Health in the Media

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Public Health in the Media First step
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First step:

Go to this website, watch this movie, and write about what you just watched.

Love, Life, & the Virus / Undocumented in the Pandemic

Second step:

Things to Think About the Movie

• Jot down your impressions as you watch the movie.  Do you think that, with your interest in and knowledge of public health, your reception of this movie is different than the “general public”?

• Analyze your selected film by content, point of view, accuracy, tone, style, structure, cinematography, and use of music and images

• Who is the target audience? Is the intent of the film to educate, persuade, or something else?

• Has this movie been widely discussed in the media? Do some research. What was the reception from the public? Has there been any follow-up, either in the agreement or a contrasting view?

• Who funded the film? Does the film disclose this? How might the funder affect the message portrayed in the movie?

• Provide a brief, one-paragraph description of the film at the beginning of your paper. This is the extent to which the film should be described; the rest of the paper should be analytical.

• Place your film in the broader context of the public health issue. Again, limit this to 1-2 brief paragraphs.

In General:

• What are the ways in which feature films and documentaries educate the public about important health topics?

• What are the scientific, ethical, and political ramifications of public health topics covered in films and documentaries?


Body text should be 3 full pages – cover page and references not included

Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1” margins, double-spaced APA or AMA formatting.

This is a formal report, to be written in the third person and supported by peer-reviewed, literature, where applicable.

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