psychosocial functioning

Using the readings and videos in this unit, please evaluate the ways in which adolescents’ emerging, shifting, and intersecting identities might impact their mental health, psychosocial functioning, and academic motivation and achievement. Provide a critical evaluation of the multiple identities in which adolescents are exploring (e.g., ethnic identity, gender identity, etc.) by making connections with your identity exploration during adolescence.   You will then pose a thought question in which your peers will respond (e.g., how can educators help students to develop healthy identities or a healthy academic identity?).  Your thought question should not simply elicit a yes/no response, but rather a more detailed response from your peers. To generate a good discussion, your questions should start with the words: ‘what,’ ‘why,’ and ‘how.’


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psychosocial functioning
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1. Jones, S., & McEwan, M. (2000). A conceptual model of multiple dimensions of identity. Journal of College Student Development, 41(4).

  • This document will provide you with an overview of the initial literature on multiple identities.

2. Lundberg, N., Taniguchi, S., McCormick, B., & Tibbs, C. (2011). Identity negotiating: Redefining stigmatized identities through recreational sports participation among individuals with a physical disability. Journal of Leisure Research 43(2), 205-225. 

  • This article investigates the meanings and outcomes of adaptive sport and recreation participation among individuals with disabilities

3. Phinney, J. S. (1989). Ethnic identity in adolescents and adults: A review of research. Psychological Bulletin, 10, 499-514. 

  • This document will discuss the development of an ethnic identity in adolescents and adults.

4. Reisner, S. L., Greytak, E. A., Parsons, J. T., & Ybarra, M. (2015). Gender minority social stress in adolescence: Disparities in adolescent bullying and substance use by gender identity. Journal of Sex Research, 52(3), 243–256.

  • This article discusses gender identity, bullying, and social stress among adolescents.

5. Sellers, R. M., Rowley, S. A. J., Chavous, T. M., Shelton, J. N., & Smith, M. A. (1997). Multidimensional inventory of black identity: A preliminary investigation of reliability and construct validity. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 73(4), 805–815.

  • This is a critical read on a comprehensive model that scholars utilize to understand racial identity development.

6. Sokol, J.T. (2009). Identity development throughout the lifetime: An examination of Eriksonian Theory. Graduate Journal of Counseling Psychology, 1(2).

Optional Videos

1. Adames , K. (2012, May 25). Identity short film (award winning inspirational short) [Video]. YouTube.

2. Dickie, T. (2014, February 1). Marcia’s states of adolescent identity development [Video]. YouTube.

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