Psychology of social media

A brief outline of your topic/brand

On this assignment this writer will be working on the project AFFORDABLE HOUSING NGO. This company will focus on affordable housing that will cater to international students from different country worldwide. A company that works together with investors to advance a broad common set of interests which are international students and become a significant force in shaping the direction of society (Yaziji & Doh, 2009). In addition to its headquarters in Minnesota, the company will have subsidiaries located all over the country. Besides housing the company will provide the students with translators, health assistance, English tutors, advice/supports, issue for economic According to Alder et al, providing affordable housing for international students it is important because universities recruit international students for a number of reasons, including enhancement of global contacts and reputation, to increase enrolment, and to generate revenue from tuition. Most of those international students face unique challenges such as pressure to succeed, language difficulties, cultural differences, financial issues, and coping as compared with domestic students (Alder et al., 2016). The issue of housing for international students is complicated as it involves various structures at different levels and some universities can only do so much, and that’s where AFFORDABLE HOUSING NGO will intervene to provide adequate housing in terms of security, health, and safety but the students will have to maintain adequate grades throughout their school years.

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Psychology of social media
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Some research on similar brands

This writer’s research on comparable companies will allow to assess how the target audience is targeted. The international student’s community coming from other countries to United States to further their education will benefit from AFFORDABLE HOUSING NGO resources and expertise. Douglas trail Townhomes is an affordable housing rental community where the rent is based on your income, but AFFORDABLE HOUSING NGO is mostly based on student’s grade (Douglas Trail Townhomes, 2021).

A list of your 4 social media choices

To reach my target audience this company will be advertised on various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. The company plan to leverage various social media sites because it’s almost ubiquitous in the marketing of products in order to reach the target audience.


YouTube is a popular video streaming website that displays uploaded video files and their Motto is “broadcast yourself”. YouTube has become very popular and it’ is the video streaming website against which most others are measured. The popularity of YouTube will bring favorable attention to our targeted audience (Belanger & English, 2018). YouTube will showcase the company services in very detailed video with students that have already used the services provided by the company or part of the company.


Facebook has become the main platform for young adults to sustain their social presence as well as expand their social networks. The adoption of online advertising on Facebook has become imperative and social media facilitates communication among university employees and students as well as the general public though websites (Chininga, Rungani, Chiliya & Chuchu et al, 2019). There is a facebook group for everyone regardless of their target demographic, and facebook is mostly used by teenagers, young adults, students, seniors and anyone who is trying to advertise their business. Since people spend time on the site to mostly check out video, chatting, commenting and so forth, they might come across the company’s add and reach out to engage with the company.


Twitter allows organizations to narrow their approach for higher effectiveness, to increase brand awareness, develop user communities, build relationships with community members. It will serve as a platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns of the NGO. Anyone can find and connect with other individuals or organizations who share similar interests, activities. AFFORDABLE HOUSING NGO knows that the communities on twitter can shape users’ opinions and by neglecting to engage with these communities, the organization could miss out on significant opportunities to shape their public image and messages (Mercadal, 2019).The company will be promoted through sharing our content on twitter in order to attract the public especially the targeted population.


Instagram rapidly grew in popularity and within years it has reached approximately millions of active monthly users and billions of photos shared. Affordable housing NGO will commonly use their accounts to offer a glimpse into our target community, communicate with students worldwide and promote the company. Ways of marketing that have been embraced on Instagram include posting behind-the-scenes photographs, holding contests in which users are asked to repost photographs and hashtags. Through all that, the company page will be promoting the advantages of the NGO in order to reach out to the targeted population which are international students to encourage them to reach out if needing assistance with housing (Cooper, 2020).


Alder, M. J., Richter, S., Mao, Y., Kovacs Burns, K., Mogale, R. S., & Danko, M. (2016). International Students Attending Canadian Universities: Their Experiences with Housing, Finances, and Other Issues. Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 46(2), 92–110.

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Cooper, P. G. (2020). Instagram. Salem Press Encyclopedia.

Douglas Trail Townhomes (2021). Affordable Housing Online.

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Yaziji, M., & Doh, J. P. (2009). NGOs and Corporations : Conflict and Collaboration. Cambridge University Press.

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