Psychological Assessments and Testing

This is a Reaction paper up to 5 pages in length, typed and double spaced, addressing the following questions:a. What are your feelings and reactions to the use of psychological testing and assessment in treating clients in counseling or psychotherapy?b. In what ways, do you think, testing can provide information that interviewing cannot? What are the limitations of testing? How in your opinion, can test findings be used effectively in developing treatment plans?c. Some experts in psychological testing argue that every clinical interview is a test – that whenever a clinician gathers more information about a client s/he is providing an assessment. What do you think about this view? Support your position/s with examples. d. How might knowledge of projective testing and psychological assessment in general help you function as a more insightful counselor and help you work in your chosen work setting more effectively? Again, provide examples to support your main points. The Psychological Tests the class is focused on are IQ Testing: WAIS IV, Rorschach, TAT, and MMPI. The book we are using in this class is “Handbook of Psychological Assessment”, Sixth addition by Gary Groth-Marnat and A. Jordan Wright. I think the paper could be based off the readings of the first 4-5 chapters I am attaching it to the “additional materials”

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Psychological Assessments and Testing
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