Provide a 12 pages analysis while answering the following question

Provide a 12 pages analysis while answering the following question: Cross Cultural Sensitization. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. My purpose for attending the course was specifically to prepare myself for the formal learning of business management. My expectations from the course included sufficient exposure to business management concepts, to develop an aptitude for the learning of business management and an environment which is both exciting and challenging. The foundation course has done what I had envisaged before taking admission. The subjects that I have studied in Term 1 and term 2 have stimulated my mind to think as a business manager now I understand how a piece of news which may not seem to have anything to do with business or economics can have its impact on the economic or business environment. Having read the book, “Understanding organizations” by HANDY C. has provided me sufficient exposure the concepts of business management like Motivation, role, power and influence, group dynamics, leadership, organizational structure etc has stimulated my mind to think in terms of organizational context. Before attending the course though I had seen lot of organizations like my school, my father’s company etc but my mind never thought on how salaries are to be decided and how do they structure the organization etc but this course has sensitized my mind to generate those questions, now looking at any organization I wonder how the roles would have been laid down, authorities delegated, people are motivated or led etc. but I am nowhere near to answer these questions and that’s where I believe my final degree in business management will help. But this foundation course has done what it was supposed to do.&nbsp.

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Provide a 12 pages analysis while answering the following question
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