Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: Biases and Judgments

Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: Biases and Judgments. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The decision entailed reflection aimed at enhancing the progress of the organization and improve performance. These decisions also promote efficiency in staff and management. This decision could act as the basis of action since the policies could be implemented (Salaman, 2001). Emotions can influence the decisions that the management of an enterprise makes. Emotions can affect rational decision making. those who follow emotions make irrational decisions. As such, businesses should not come up with decisions based on emotionality as the decisions, may have a negative impact. Fairness should prevail while making decisions. all departments within an organization should be treated equally (Yates, 2003).

According to Salaman (2001), reflective decision making includes examination, contemplation, critical meditation and analytical thoughts when making decisions. Therefore, reflective decision-makers ensure that managers critically analyze the decisions they make. Reflection means that the decisions have to be given a deep thought before implementation. implementers take their time before coming up with the decision. On the other hand, expedient decision making entails solving problems that require immediate solutions. Expedient decisions mainly stem from the need for them. business organizations mainly make them when need to do so arise. For example, an organization may decide to lay off employees instantly. Yates (2003) asserts that biases may arise when making decisions. they include dependency on one form of information where decision-makers tend to over-rely on one course of action. Other biases may include overconfidence in the decisions made and selective gathering of information.

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Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: Biases and Judgments
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Thus, in conclusion, the essay has discussed business decision making. It has addressed the role of decision making, which enhances progress in the business. Emotions and biases have a negative impact on the decisions made. they may lead to poor decisions. As such, wise judgments should be made to avoid common biases in decision making.

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