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Project Proposal: Initiating and PlanningBrief Summary

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Project Proposal
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A wedding is one of the most significant and valuable events in the life of an individual. The wedding couples particularly aspire to make the day memorable forever. Most of the individuals hold a restricted budget to be spent on the wedding ceremony, but their expectations are high to make the event memorable for a long time. This project proposal is specific to the particular event for providing appropriate support to the couple to make their wedding day memorable. The project will ensure that there is proper arrangement for the event, and all the tasks are performed appropriately and are in line with the allocated budget (McKenna & Baume, 2015). The proposal will develop a plan for the wedding using a project management application.Three Goals and Three Objectives of the Project

The goals of the wedding project include;

  • To complete containing all the activities as per the requirements of the couple.
  • To complete within the constraint of time, quality, and money.
  • To minimize potential risks coming in the middle to avoid any discrepancies during the event (Dowsett, Green, Sexton, & Harty, 2019).

The objectives of the project include;

  • To utilize all the allocated resources properly for ensuring the sequential execution of the activities.
  • To allocate roles and responsibilities to all the team members to avoid disagreement.
  • To develop and implement proper risk management (Guo, Yiu & Gonzalez, 2015).

Key Customers and Two Stakeholders of the Project

The key customers are the wedding couple; they will provide all the information expecting from the project to the project team. Moreover, they will be required to take an active part in the development of project scope, i.e., information about time, budget, quality, etc. (McKenna & Baume, 2015). At the time of project completion, the wedding couple will accept it.

The first key stakeholder of the project will be the families of the couple. They are the people who keep much interest in the event to make the wedding day of their relatives amazing. They also want to keep the event free of disruption to enjoy wholeheartedly. The second stakeholder will be the project team members. They will not only take an active part in the planning process but also carry out all the project activities efficiently. The proper communication, coordination, and technical expertise of the team members will add value to the project, ensuring the successful completion (Dowsett, Green, Sexton, & Harty, 2019).

Three Milestones of the Project

  • Complete Wedding arrangements
  • Complete the project within time-frame
  • Complete the project with quality and allocated budget

Timeline for the Project

Sr. No.TasksDeadlines December 01, 2019
The arrival of Bride to the hair saloon12:00
The arrival of Bride to church12:15
The arrival of girls at church and sanctuary preparation12:30
Video shoot of girls12:45
Video shoot of boys12:50
Preparation of bride for the ceremony12:55
Beginning of ceremony13:00
The arrival of Limo at the church13:05
Greetings to guests arriving at the ceremony13:10
10Post ceremony video shoot13:15
11Post ceremony photoshoot13:25
12Slop time13:30
13Transportation of bridal to ceremony hall through Limo13:40
14Completion of reception hall preparations13:45
15Introduction of the bridal party13:50
17Serving of the dinner14:10
18Announcement of best wishes to the couple from DJ14:20
19Beginning of Videography14:25
20Best wishes speeches from the family members14:30
21Views sharing from the couple14:40
22Beginning of photography14:45
23Cake cutting14:50
24Garter toss14:55
25Bouquet toss15:00
26Videography of the love story15:05
27Dancing of the couple15:10
28Dancing of all the guests15:15

Estimation of Overall Cost of the Project

Project Manager$1,000
Wedding Planner500
Team Lead300
Limo Driver150
Music System$250
Bride and groom dresses500
Decoration Material8,000
Makeup Stuff2,000
First Aid Kit1,000
Grand Total$32,650


The project management practices are critical for the successful completion of any project. The wedding project will be effectively completed for the client using the project management practices and above-developed plan.


Dowsett, R., Green, M., Sexton, M., & Harty, C. (2019). Projecting at the project level: MMC supply chain integration roadmap for small housebuilders. Construction Innovation19(2), 193–211. doi: 10.1108/ci-07-2017-0059

Guo, B., Yiu, T., & Gonzalez, V. (2015). A System Dynamics View of Safety Management in Small Construction Companies. Journal Of Construction Engineering And Project Management5(4), 1-6. doi: 10.6106/jcepm.2015.5.4.001

McKenna, A., & Baume, G. (2015). Complex project conceptualization and the linguistic turn; the case of a small Australian construction company. International Journal Of Project Management33(7), 1476-1483. doi: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2015.06.005

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