Project Part 3: Proposed Outline for Essay

Deliverable for Part Three: Proposed Outline for EssayIn your assignments folder, you will submit a formal, alphanumeric outline towards your critical essay. You must list your working thesis at the top of the page, separately from the outline. Even though this is just an outline and not a draft essay, it must still provide a complete and thorough structure for your essay, including a well-crafted thesis and fully supported argument. The outline frames the essay, so it should reflect introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion as the main bullets. Please see the outline template attached below (you must be in the Assignments view of the classroom). The sub-bullets will contain the supporting ideas and evidence. You may write either in phrases or complete sentences for the outline. The Excelsior OWL guide for outlining is available here Your outline is the traditional outline, and the step for “See it in Practice” will be helpful for you in developing the outline. The guide for Drafting & Integrating will also be helpful for you later, in drafting your essay from your outline.Notes This is an example of what the paper must include. Traditional Outline your full thesis statement before the beginning of the outline.I. IntroductionA. background, context for topic B. transition to thesisC. thesis statement*II. Sub Point 1 (topic sentence of first body paragraph) A. supporting detail1. textualexample2. textualexample B. supporting detail1. secondarysourceevidence2. secondarysourceevidenceIII. Sub Point 2 (topic sentence of second body paragraph)A. supporting detail1. textualexample 2. textualexampleB. supporting detail1. secondarysourceevidence 2. secondarysourceevidenceIV. Sub Point 3 (topic sentence of third body paragraph) A. supporting detail1. textualexample2. textualexample B. supporting detail1. secondarysourceevidence2. secondarysourceevidenceV. ConclusionA. review central ideas presented in body and make connection to thesis B. transition to closing thoughtsC. closing thoughts*Your thesis statement needs to state your main point (argument or claim) and the sub points (ideas or reasons) that support that claim. See and-tools/thesis-statements/ (example of thesis development on Huckleberry Finn) In the sample above, you’ll see a basic structure that can be modified to fit the length of your assignment. It’s important to note, in shorter research essays, each point of your outline might correspond to a single paragraph, but in longer research papers, you might develop each supporting point over several paragraphs.Umuc online African American Authors of the colonial Era


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