Project Part 2: Annotated Bibliography

Deliverable for Part Two: Annotated BibliographyIn your assignment folder, you will submit an Annotated Bibliography of SIX sources, formatted in MLA style, 8th edition. At least FOUR sources must be academic sources. Length of annotations is to be 100-200 words each.Consult the UMUC Library tutorial and guide, “How to Write an Annotated Bibliography,” and follow the advice for an Analytical or Critical annotated bibliography. Your annotations will analyze/critique the source in terms of how applicable or useful it will be for your project. The submission should be carefully edited and proofread for standard use of English.Up to two online or “popular” web resources can be included, but you must vet them for credibility. In your description of the source, you will explain how you vetted the source. Consult the UMUC Library guide “Is My Source Credible?” and encyclopedias do not count as academic sources for this project.The literature itself (primary sources) is not to be included as part of the annotated bibliography. All the sources must be secondary sources.Additional guides for annotated bibliographies and MLA citations can be found at the links below:MLA Citation Examples: Purdue Online Writing Lab (Purdue OWL) also has good resources on writing Annotated Bibliographies, including how to summarize, assess, and reflect: MLA Annotated Bibliography: note that MLA format is a major part of this assignment, so significant points would be deducted for errors in formatting.Umuc online African American Authors from the Colonial Era


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