Project Baseline

Assignment ContentSelect one of the following projects for your individual risk management plan you will be creating for your individual assignments. Please Note that these individual assignments are not a classroom assignment pursue as you are creating an actual Risk Management Plan for an actual projects i.e. it is your own work. Therefore, it is not a research report and you are not trying to demonstrate your academic expertise, how well you can copy and paste and cite or how well you are read you are to apply what you have learned. 1. Construction of a new 5-story Marriott hotel on the Mission Bay San Diego California. Phase I, the demolition of the existing mobile home park site has been completed with financing and all permits having been secured. Phase two is scheduled to start the first Monday of August with the budget set at $500 million dollars and duration of 5 years to grand opening. 2. Upgrading Disneyland Florida point of sales computer system(POS), which includes the server, software and hardware for the system, which consist of 500 point of sales (cash registers) location and 50 additional support workstation, and server(s) all presently using Microsoft Windows XP® operating system.The project is to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10® operating systems, which requires all hardware to be upgraded and point of sales software. The estimated budget is $20 million dollars with the project to commence in June of the current year and a one year duration/completion date.The point of sale system must be operational at all times while the park is open and thus all upgrade must be performed during park closure and must be operational/functional when the park opens. Submit a comprehensive, detailed Scope Statement that describes the project’s background and requirements (you are the project sponsor so you will create this). As this assignment is asking for a comprehensive detailed scope statement a series of bullet points does not meet the definition of “comprehensive, detailed” for your complete scope statement. Yes charts and tables are appropriate to supplement your narrative, but not as your main body of your scope statement. Your comprehensive detailed scope statement has to include the following categories/sections and you have to add two additional categories/sections:Background Why is the project necessary, i.e. what has lead up to the project being approved (1/2 page)Project Sponsor & Manager Table or chart OkProject justification (THIS IS A BUSINESS JUSTIFICATION) 1 pageProject deliverables Prescheduled milestonesProject objective(s) DO NOT just restate what is given this is detailed 1 pageAssumption & Limitations ½ pageQuality requirements ½ pageRisk Identification and reporting process ¾ pageConstraint – cost, time, scope (triple constraints) and any other constraints 1/3 pageTo potentially earn full credit you have to do research and add more information. There are resources to aid you under “Student Resources”, BUT they are NOT a fill-in the blanks resource. You WILL have to do research to find what is pertain to your selected project as the resource(s) are just a STARTING point for your research and scope statement. Yes, due to the magnitude of the projects your scope statement should be a minimum of 5 pages not including title page and any references, which is only a fraction of the length of the scope statements for these projects would be.Caution: Although you will incorporate the information given, DO NOT just restate the information given for your selected project (if you do you will lose 30 points) you are to add the details, so you will have to do some research.If you use a project other than one of the three given you have not completed the assignment and thus will earn a zero (0) for this assignmentClick the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.t.Resources

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Project Baseline
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