Prior Research and Applications

Southern New Hampshire University : Prior Research and Applications 1/2 On this page, Mark continues his research and considers some applications of that research.

Prio r R ese arc h a n d A pp lic atio ns At this point, Mark has narrowed his focus on the social media research project he has started. After a lot of research and re effects of social media habits on well-being.

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Prior Research and Applications
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Mark is struck by the idea that this research might have some really interesting applications.

For example, if it is true that a person’s social media habits can in then an educational campaign targeting teenagers might be worthwhile. Mark also wonders if any technology companies have ever created applications that would help people limit how much time they spend logged in to social media platforms. For example, Mark thinks that maybe an app that sent a daily summary of any noti instead of getting those noti spend less time online.

Mark decides to spend some time researching existing campaigns or applications with the goal of limiting social media use. His search yields a few applications available for download that either restrict people’s access to their social media sites or to using the Internet at all.

These include: AntiSocial : An application that allows users to select websites they want to block and for how long SelfControl : An application that allows users to block access to the Internet entirely for a preset amount of time Cold T urkey : An application that does not block a user’s access to the Internet or to any particular websites but does track and display how one spends his or her time online Mark wonders who is using these apps. Are busy professionals utilizing them? Do his students know about them or use them? Can parents install these apps for their children?

He’s also now more convinced than ever that his research investigation will have an Module F our: P erfo rm in g t h e R ese arc h In ve stig atio n, c o ntin ued | L earn in g B lo ck 4 -1 | P ag e 1 o f 3 Skip T o… ( 1/30/22, 6:07 AM Southern New Hampshire University : Prior Research and Applications 2/2 interested audience. Not only is the social science issue very well-researched, but there are real-world applications for the research department’s next project. Copyrig ht © 2 022 M in dE dge In c. A ll r ig hts r e se rv e d. D uplic a tio n p ro hib ite d.

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