Prior Research and Applications

Southern New Hampshire University : 4-2 Choosing Sources 1/1 In the previous learning block, you brainstormed potential applications of your research and the parties that may be interested in this research. You also your research investigation.

At this stage, both you and Mark have a clear idea about the direction of your research investigations. Mark has identi investigation, and he is ready to dig through his list to make sure each supports his main points. In this learning block, you will do the same. Y ou will create a list of key your social science issue following your research investigation, and then you will narrow your list of resources to ensure that they support these key notes about why you’ve chosen the resource and explain how it brings value to your research investigation.

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Prior Research and Applications
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Obje ctiv e s Organize your current understanding of the social science issue following the research investigation by creating a list of key ideas.

Use the list of key supporting resources from those gathered. Copyrig ht © 2 022 M in dE dge In c. A ll r ig hts r e se rv e d. D uplic a tio n p ro hib ite d. Mo dule F our: P erfo rm in g t h e R ese arc h In ve stig atio n, c o ntin ued | L earn in g B lo ck 4 -2 : C ho osin g S ourc es

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