Presentation on international accounting standards

ACC 696 Presentation Rubric In a professional career, one may be called upon to conduct research and deliver findings in professional settings. The SEC h as considered moving from GAAP to IFRS and made some forward movement on this in the recent past, especially with convergence in the revenue recognition rules and the leasing rules. Although this is not a current high priority for the SEC, convergence would be helpful to enhance financial reporting quality and comp arability, as businesses move towards a more global approach. Prepare a 10 –12 -slide PowerPoint presentation as if it will be presented to an audience of your peers. It should be a complete, polished arti fact containing all of the main elements in the rubric below. If needed, refer to the Module Six resources for tip s on designing an effective PowerPoint .  Contrast rules -based versus principles -based accounting,  Provide detailed scenarios (these can be case studies, articles, or any published accounting scenario within the last 5 years ) in which GAAP and IFRS would handle t he situation differently.  Explain the challenges inherent with global corporate governance.  State whether you are for or against this proposed change from GAAP to IFRS, defend ing your position with at least three points. Guidelines for Submission: Your pr esentation should consist of 10 –12 slides and include detailed speaker ’s notes expl aining each slide. The speaker’s notes illustrate the verb al portion of the presentation and are what you would say as you give the presentation to the audience. Critical E lements Exemplary (100%) Proficient (90%) Needs Improvement (70%) Not Evident (0%) Value Content: Rules -Based Versus Principles -Based Accounting Meets “P rofi cient” criteria and provides in -depth analysis contrasting rules -based versus principles -based a ccounting based on peer -reviewed sources Delivers concise summary of rules -based versus principles – based accounting highlighting the differences between the two Summary is incomplete or fails to effectively contr ast the two types of accounting No summary or contrast of rules -based versus principles – based accounting 10 Content: GAAP and IFRS Scenario Meets “Proficient” criteria and scenarios are from a peer – reviewed source Provides at least two scenarios published within the last 5 years and a concise, de tailed summary of how each of the situation s would have been handled under the GAAP principles and how the same scenario would have been ha ndled under the IFRS principles Summary is lacking focus and/ or a summary of how details of situation would be handle d. Scena rios are more than 5 years old Fewer than 2 scenarios; no attempt made at summarizing the differenc es in handling chosen scenario 10 Content: Global Corporate Governance Meets “Proficient” criteria and provides peer -reviewed sources to support e xplanation Presents a logical, concise explanation of the difficulty in maintaini ng global corporate governance Exp lanation is lacking focus and/or details of potential difficulties in global corporate governance No explanation provided; explanation does n ot relate to the difficulties of global corporate governance 10 Content: GAAP or IFRS Personal Conclusion Meets “Proficient” criteria and provides peer -review ed sources to support stance Position clearly stated and supported by at least 3 concise points f or or against the change from GAAP to IFRS Position on switch ing from GAAP to IFRS is ambiguous and unsupported or under – supported No position stated; posit ion not supported by any points 10 Organization Slides are organized in a logical way that comple ments the central theme; transitions are well -paced to create a natural and engaging flow Slides are organized in a logical way , and transitions are paced so that the material is easily accessible Slides are organized mostly in a logical way , and transitio ns are paced so that the material can be understood with focus and effort Slides are organized in a way that is illogical OR transitions are paced so that the material cannot be understood 20 V isual Appeal There is a consistent visual theme that helps en hance understanding of the ideas; includes multiple types of media Original images are created using proper size and resolution that enhance the content; includes more than one type of media V isually depicts topic and assists audience; images are of prop er size and resolution Graphics are unrelated to content and cross over each other; distracting, busy, and detract from presentation 25 Narration (Research/Speaker Notes ) Mechanics and style ensure clarity; incorporates multiple properly cited scholarly resources Mechanics and style promote clarity; incorporates some properly cited scholarly resources Mechanics and style make narration intelligible; incorporates very few properly cited scholarly resources Several mechanical errors OR does not incorpora te scholarly resources 15 Earned Tota l 100%

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Presentation on international accounting standards
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