prepare and submit a term paper on Risk Assessment and Emergency Preparedness.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Risk Assessment and Emergency Preparedness. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length.

Besides identification of terrorist groups and supporting organizations and running the War against Terrorism, it is essential that authorities should train and prepare personnel of the law enforcement agencies to handle and tackle a terrorist incident inefficient manner, as lack of preparedness and ineffective emergency response may help terrorists in fulfilling their devilish objectives. For such purpose, the State Department of Homeland Security has formed various terrorism reaction teams that will be responsible to handle situations during a terrorist attack, as well as a terrorist threat (White, 2006).

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prepare and submit a term paper on Risk Assessment and Emergency Preparedness.
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In specific, this paper will attempt to discuss various aspects of emergency preparedness and various issues regarding counter-terrorism that will benefit from keeping the region safe and secure from terrorism.It is an observation that rapid advancement in activities of terrorist organizations has resulted in an increase in the uncertainty about the future as countries are confronting terrorist attacks along with natural hazards. In the USA, California is one of the states that have continued to receive threats, and every now and then, its citizens are concerned about their wellbeing and protection.

In addition, studies have indicated that terrorist incidents are usually impulsive and result in huge wreckage and homeless people. Despite numerous safety measures, one cannot predict the potency of a terrorist attack, and in this scenario, a terrorism reaction team comprising of law enforcement personnel, healthcare professionals, firefighters, members of the civil society, etc will play a significant role in ensuring safety, as well as security of the Americans in case of a terrorist incident.

Although there is no rapid standardized way of determining the nature of a terrorist attack. however, emergency management is a procedure that enables professionals to alleviate factors and causes of the event, and subsequently, respond in a timely and efficient manner. Such a procedure involves comprehensive planning and the creation of a chain of command that will be authoritative at the time of any such event in the future.

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