prepare and submit a term paper on On your name

You will prepare and submit a term paper on On your name. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length.

My When the nurse brought me out of the delivery room after I was born, and placed me in my father’s lap, she advised my father to me “Victor”. She suggested that name because I had made it through a very complicated operation that could have taken mine or my mother’ life. The doctors went on to predict that I would successfully overcome all obstacles in life. My father was so pleased to learn that both his wife and newborn son were in perfect health that not only did he agree with the doctors, but also established that the name was perfect.

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prepare and submit a term paper on On your name
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So, I was named Victor. The hospital staff told my parents why they strongly believed that I should be named Victor. They told them the origin of the name. The name Victor is a Latin word meaning “one who conquerors” or “champion.” It is derived from the word “vincere” which means “to win.” The doctors also said that early Christians referenced “Victor” to Christ’s victory over sin and death and that there are numerous saints and three popes named Victor. One of the saints was Victor the Moor, a Christian martyr, born into a Christian family who became a soldier in the Roman Praetorian Guard.

After he destroyed some pagan altars, he was arrested, tortured and killed. It was claimed that miracles occurred above his grave. A church was built above the supposed grave site. Many churches have been dedicated to him in the city and throughout the Diocese of Milan and its neighborhood. His memorial day is May 8th in the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church. One of the nurses stated that although I was not born on that day, yet my parents were granted a miracle and it was my determination to make it to this world that allowed that miracle to occur.

Everything from the circumstances in which I was born to the name’s beautiful meaning went in favor of having me named “Victor.

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