prepare and submit a term paper on Jersey Shore as a Show of Immorality

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Jersey Shore as a Show of Immorality. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. The show follows a group of eight young adults, four women, and four men who identify themselves as Italian Americans. The young adults spend their summer together at the Jersey Shore and they engage in endless partying, tanning their skins, gelling hair, and promiscuity sex. Like most reality shows, the show is addictive and widely viewed particularly by teenagers some of who idolize and worship the casts. The show overemphasizes on stereotypes that are against the Italians. This paper focuses on the Jersey Shore show, its mischaracterizations, its stereotypes against the Italians and other negative social aspects and how they may affect the viewers, particularly the young people. The paper also seeks to demonstrate how the audience can learn from the behaviors exhibited by different cast members.

In the show, the actors expose their bodies and adopt petty names such as Mike who refers to himself as the ‘Situation’, which clearly depicts narcissism disorder of the genres partakers. Being a real-life show, it will definitely affect the integrity of the viewers since it is full of fantasies demonstrated by exaggerated sexual aggressiveness as well as competition for the immoral fame. The show features self-centered personalities seeking to be noticed by using morally wrong practices.

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prepare and submit a term paper on Jersey Shore as a Show of Immorality
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Another negative aspect displayed by the Jersey Shore is partiality. The language used is offensive and humiliating particularly towards the Italians, such that some Italians, particularly the New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus wanted the show banned. Italians consider terms such as guido and guinea that have been repeatedly used in the show in reference to Italians as discourteous.

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