prepare and submit a term paper on Difference between Non-state Actor and a Nation-State Actor.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Difference between Non-state Actor and a Nation-State Actor. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. Territories that a government runs and have a permanent population.3 Nation-states are the most important actors in international relations, but non-state actors strongly influence them. Hence, nation-states actors are entities or organizations, which a government runs.4 Some of the state actors include elected leaders, diplomats, bureaucrats, militaries among others.

Non-state actors have the responsibility of checking state parties in all their actions. For instance, non-state actors such as NGOs which comprise civil societies scrutinize government policies to make sure they comply with provisions of human rights. Similarly, these non-state actors play the role of influencing policies and pressurizing the government to implement policies towards meeting its agenda.5 This is contrary to the role of the government, which has a role in making national policies and executing them for the benefit of the people.6 The two actors are different because of the role they play for the people. In the past decades, different civil societies have echoed their voices on the actions of state actors to influence change. For instance, civil societies echoed their voices when the death toll was rising in Egypt. As much as the Egyptian government was condoning and comfortable with the developments, non-state actors comprising international civil societies opposed the actions. This is an indication of the differences between the two actors.

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prepare and submit a term paper on Difference between Non-state Actor and a Nation-State Actor.
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State actors have their media that influences and passes information regarding developments as well as the activities of the nations. This is normally biased, as various governments do not want to expose the wrongs to the public or in the international area. Therefore, most of the wrongdoing of the government goes unreported. Nearly every country has its national broadcasting, which the government influences to get favor. On the other hand, non-state actors such as the media expose the nations concerning their wrongdoings. They have&nbsp.greater influence because they reach a larger audience compared to state actors. For instance, non-state actors such as CNN as an international media have exposed different nations on many occasions to influence their activities.

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