prepare and submit a term paper on Correlation and Regression with SPSS

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Correlation and Regression with SPSS. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. According to The National Poverty Center at the University report, there were 14.1 million children that lived in poverty in the USA by the year 2008. 19% of these children were below 18 years old. The official level of poverty changes and in relation to household size. however, in 2008 the definition of poor family changed if a single parent with two children had an income below $17,346. The Connecticut Commission on children indicates that most children living in poverty are more vulnerable to diseases than children from more a well-off homes. According to this commission, most babies that are born to low-income parents experience lower birth weights hence are more vulnerable to infant mortality. Child Trends organization reports that children from poor families experience mental health such as impulsiveness, disobedience, and difficulties in association with other people. Their self-esteem is low and this may affect them throughout their lives. It is clear that income is a determinant of the health conditions of a person. Therefore this study wants to determine the effect of total family income on the health condition of an individual.

Researchers, who study the effect of income on health conditions, generally seek to generalize their results from the available data to some larger context by generalizing a sample to a population. Assumptions are an important aspect of empirical studies. This study, just like any other study, applies some statistical assumptions in order to achieve at the desired results. The statistical assumptions are:

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prepare and submit a term paper on Correlation and Regression with SPSS
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The independent variable of the study is income while the dependent variable is health. The study will mainly duel on correlation and regression for data analysis. The correlation coefficient is important in showing whether and how strongly income and health conditions are related.&nbsp.

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