prepare and submit a term paper on Analysis of the Problem of Age Discrimination in the Workplace.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Analysis of the Problem of Age Discrimination in the Workplace. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. A relevant research study was conducted to find why employees may not help coworkers. The study employed 233 front-line hotel employees and findings reveal that those who are not willing to work or participate with their supervisors show a higher level of envy than those who are more willing to participate and perform their duties (Kim et al., 2010, p.530). This is clearly relevant to the issue of self-esteem. A certain study reveals that age discrimination, regardless of age, will result to lower employee “self-esteem and perceived control”, which are also the remarkable reasons for burnout, complaints, job satisfaction, and eventually, employee’s intention to turnover (Perrewe et al., 1991, p.245). This finding supports what Snape and Redman found out concerning the potential drawbacks of age discrimination in the workplace.

In other words, there are other potential associations of age discrimination to other probable problems involving employees in the workplace.

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prepare and submit a term paper on Analysis of the Problem of Age Discrimination in the Workplace.
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Clearly, there might be an emotional touch involved when employees find that they are not valued or less likely considered so. Some theories are suggesting that one important source of conflict in an organization might be the inability of the leaders to consider the welfare of its employees ().

In fact, there are many reasons why conflict at work may exist (). However, unfair treatment is part of the list (). This leads to the point that the inability of a firm to strengthen its employee’s self-esteem might lead to a remarkable drawback in the future. As already stated, age discrimination in the actual workplace might lead to employee’s dissatisfaction with the company and might lead to a higher rate of turnover. However, before that, employee’s attitudes are viewed to deteriorate, leading to inefficiency in the workplace. Sad to say, a firm might be able to use this performance of the employees as a point against them and as a potential ground for the level of their actual qualification of fitness to work in the firm.

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