prepare and submit a paper on were are you going, where have you been.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on were are you going, where have you been. Journal Response As human beings, we are given every opportunity to be in complete control of our lives. Connie’s character in Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? is proof of this. Everything that happened to her throughout the short story could have been different if Connie only allowed stepped up to the situation. From her attitude to her sex appeal, Connie had the ability to either make it all work for her or against her. In the end, because she did nothing about it, she let it work against her. Connie knew very well what she was doing by displaying herself the way she did. in the end, it may have gotten the better of her, but she could have prevented it. We all have the same ability to make our choices work in our favor.

Fate does exist, but we are not entirely controlled by it. We may be tempted by fate, and there may be times when we do not think there is a way around it, but it can always be cheated. There is always a different route. As free-willed human beings, all it takes is for us to say yes or no to something, and it is done. If we do not like a specific situation, we have everything that we need to get out of the situation or to change it to our liking. When Connie gave up and went outside to Arnold Friend, she was letting herself be controlled by fate. Instead of giving in to Arnold, she could have gone back in the house and found other methods to seek help.

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prepare and submit a paper on were are you going, where have you been.
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Fate is not permanent. As human beings, we are stronger than we think we are. We have the ability to make choices in our lives and to change something that we do not like or agree with. If we allow life to happen without us intervening, fate begins to take its toll. The situation with Connie could have turned out much differently if she had only realized the personal strength and control that she possessed over her own life.

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