prepare and submit a paper on the language and use of acceptable usage policy.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the language and use of acceptable usage policy. In the parts of this paper, usage reasons, such as detection of abuse, appropriate usage of technology, and liability protection, have been detailed and discussed as well. It is followed by a description pertaining to the international boundaries, highlighting the risk and complexity involved in detecting and preventing cybercrimes. Before the paper conclusion part, legitimate uses of AUPs with an example have been included.

Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) refers to a set of policies that control and restrict access and usage of networks, systems, websites, and information as well (Johnson, 2014). These are policies in which a range of user classifications, type of access, level of access, time of access, and all those policy guidelines are provided which are highly essential for the related users. Additionally, policies not only highlight the given or provided accesses to the users but also stipulate restrictions that cannot and should not be violated by the users. Furthermore, the provided policies cannot be specified in a number of pages as they are developed by taking into account organizational factors, user requirements, legal and business framework in which the organization operates. consequently, it can be deduced that the AUPs can be a long list of activities reflecting both dos and don’ts as well (Horwitz, 2003). In other words, it can be highlighted that general requirements or policies cannot be provided in the AUPs but only specific policies can be developed and that must be in cognizance with the related regulatory framework. For example, it is not possible for a Business 2 Business entity to develop an AUP by keeping in view the business model of Business 2 Customer entity because it will not be feasible and practical for the organization to implement the AUP.

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prepare and submit a paper on the language and use of acceptable usage policy.
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Restrictions can be practically applied through enabling and controlling the access of users. The Internet is composed of numerous networks which have created their own virtual world in which they cross local, national and international boundaries and provide access to millions of users globally. so, in order to provide access only to legitimate users, it is highly essential to develop and implement AUP (Fielden, 2001).

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