prepare and submit a paper on the american dream.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the american dream. According to the author, other words do not describe anyone in particular because society is more willing to accept war, death, wrinkles, and sweat compared to crippledness (Mairs 19). The author deals with sclerosis in the next phase and hardship experiences.

Nancy Mairs gives detailed accounts of changes in her life following diagnosis. Mairs hangs on even in difficult moments in the same way the drafters of the American Dream advise people. The US remains the land of opportunity that does not entertain laziness. Although she needs help from people around her, Mairs is able to teach and carry out other demanding responsibilities. Ties among American citizens are evident when the author appreciates the support she received from her family members. On the contrary, the supported she receives makes her scared. She feels that the support comes because she is a cripple (Mairs 33). American society remains obsessed with normality and physical appearance makes Mairs hate society. According to her, any person deviating from norms in the society must find an alternative for compensation. In the same way, the American Dream fills people with hope. Mairs considers the American society full of expectations.

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prepare and submit a paper on the american dream.
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Overall, Mairs explains ways she applies in coping with multiple sclerosis. She does not sympathize with her condition as a cripple. The author remains grateful to herself and the people offering support. She recognizes that life constitutes what a person makes. Life and death appear equal in the sense that they are on both ends of the scale in transition. Mairs remembers their deaths remorsefully but learns that society is full of greed that did not add value to life. He ended up becoming a drug trafficker with the intention to destroy other people’s lives but eventually destroyed his. The deaths of the two are good lessons to Mairs that help to change his thinking in all perspectives. Certainly, the themes in ‘On Being a Cripple’ depict the lives within the society that was inclined towards men.&nbsp.

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