prepare and submit a paper on research topic.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on research topic. Research Topic Research Topic Topic: A study aimed at addressing widespread poverty among the poor, unemployed citizens. Hypothesis: Availing employment opportunities will significantly reduce poverty among the poor, unemployed citizens. The independent variable is employment opportunities, while the dependent variable is poverty. Therefore, poverty relies on employment opportunities, which will lead to its reduction.


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prepare and submit a paper on research topic.
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The issue of unemployment remains persistently high, with a large number of the unemployed citizens facing conditions of poverty. The lives of the unemployed may be characterized by poor living standards, such as poor housing and lack of access to affordable healthcare. For a long time, governments have not succeeded in addressing the issue of unemployment (Dixon & Macarov, 1998). It becomes extremely challenging for the unemployed to afford some basic necessities, such as proper diet, safety, and education. Poverty among the unemployed has led to the emergence of criminal subcultures, which cause insecurity in the society (Dixon & Macarov, 1998). Failure to address poverty among the unemployed may lead to disunity in the society. As a result, the poor may engage in constant conflicts with the influential and wealthy individuals in the society. This may lead to the emergence of criminal gangs among the poor aimed at revenging for the unequal distribution of resources. Poverty among the unemployed should be addressed. this will avoid the negative consequences, such as crime, caused by poverty.


The participants will comprise of the individuals affected by the high unemployment rates. In addition, the project will incorporate policy makers and other stakeholders. It will be necessary to include the people affected by poverty since they are the ones whom the project targets. Policy makers and other stakeholders will help to implement essential plans in the project. Moreover, they will avail the necessary resources, such as finances, expertise and skills needed to address the problem. The people affected by the poverty will play a crucial role in the implementation of the project. Their participation will ensure the realization of the benefits, which the project aims to achieve.

Other participants in the project will include non-governmental organizations, community based organizations, and government agencies. Non-governmental organizations will play the role of mobilizing members of the society to participate in the project. NGOs will also avail the needed resources, such as finances to fund the project. According to Dixon & Macarov (1998), community based organizations play a remarkably essential role in projects aimed at poverty alleviation. These organizations train the affected community on the best ways to address the issue of poverty. For example, they can propose projects and essential initiatives, which will ensure that the levels of poverty in the society reduce significantly.

Government agencies should take part in such a project. This will ensure that the government comes in to provide the needed resources. In addition, this will ensure equitable distribution of government resources among all members of the society. The poor, unemployed will gain from a project where the government avails some resources. For example, the government may provide social security and unemployment benefits to the unemployed (Dixon & Macarov, 1998).


Dixon, J. & Macarov, D. (1998). Poverty: A Persistent Global Reality. London: Routledge.

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